Guide to the Best Yum Cha in Sydney

Eat, Food Guide, Sydney / 5 October 2022
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Guide to the Best Yum Cha in Sydney

Eat, Food Guide, Sydney / 5 October 2022

We have created a guide to Sydney’s best yum cha, to satisfy all your hot and steamy dumpling dreams.

Yum cha holds a special place in the hearts of Sydneysiders, an adopted custom that has become an ingrained part of life. For those not savvy with this cultural marvel, yum cha is a Cantonese custom of brunch involving dim sum or dumplings and tea. Perfect for all occasions, the only contact needed across the large table is to request permission to turn the Lazy Susan. From traditional yum cha to modern, fun takes on the unique dining experience, here is our updated list of the top spots to get your yum cha fix across Sydney.

Mr Wong

Mr Wong’s dim sum menu is more a lunch than brunch affair during the week, however, on weekends you can experience it at slightly more yum cha-esque times. Here you’ll find Cantonese classics plus Mr Wong’s own unique creations, like the wagyu and truffle puffs and the prawn toast with foie gras and sesame. Alas, you will not find trolleys rolling around this establishment, as it is strictly a la carte. As one of the best-rated restaurants to experience yum cha style dishes, Mr Wong is a must-visit for yum cha die hards and first timers alike.

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Queen Chow (Enmore, Manly & Narooma)

Queen Chow is the beloved brainchild of the Merivale empire, with three yum cha destinations outside of the CBD. Located in the inner west as well as Manly wharf and Narooma along the South Coast, all three restaurants offer an a la carte style menu. On the extensive menu, you will find most of the classics on offer, plus some of Merivale’s own character thrown into the mix.

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Mama Mulan, Chatswood

Visit Mama Mulan in Chatswood for an unforgettable yum cha experience. Available at lunch only, the mouth-watering yum cha menu features their famous steamed and fried dumplings, a selection of rice rolls, sweet treats and so much more. Traditional Chinese techniques and flavours, local meats, and seasonal produce combine to make this one of the best yum cha menus in Sydney. Plus, the sleek, minimalistic dining room features an open kitchen as the focal point, so you can watch the masters at work.

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Spice Temple, CBD

Spice Temple has your up market yum cha covered. You have the option of a la carte or banquet menu at this Bligh St venue, with the Golden Banquet setting you back $109 per person or the Premium Banquet at $129 per person. On the seasonal menu, you’ll find classic yum cha style dishes alongside Spice Temple’s own additions, like the Hot and numbing dry Wagyu beef. A must-visit venue for those wanting to discover a modern twist on yum cha dining in Sydney.

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Vinh Phat, Cabramatta

There is a reason you’ll often find long queues snaked around this Cabramatta establishment. As one of the highest-rated yum cha restaurants in Sydney, Vinh Phat has been serving diners delicious dumplings and dim sum dishes since 1985. So, it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. You’ll feast on traditional yum cha dishes and as they are known for their seafood, it’d be rude not to try something from their seafood menu. Totally worth the queue (and trip to Cabramatta) in our eyes.

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Golden Unicorn, Maroubra

Like Vinh Phat, you are likely to be confronted with long queues when you visit the Golden Unicorn in Maroubra. But hang in there, lining up is worth it to experience some of the best yum cha in Sydney. This is a traditional trolley style set up, so if you’ve never been to a yum cha restaurant before, this is a great place to start. On the menu you’ll find traditional dim sum options, steamed dumplings and buns, rice noodle rolls and so much more.

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Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung (multiple locations)

Din Tai Fung is an internationally recognised Taiwanese establishment with venues globally. In Australia, you will find Din Tai Fung nestled in food courts across NSW, as well as four casual dining restaurants in Sydney. This isn’t the off-the-trolley style yum cha, you will order off the menu and be served a la carte. They are famous for their xiao long bao, or soup dumplings, so be sure to check those out! 

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Palace Chinese Restaurant, Haymarket

Palace Chinese Restaurant is a bustling yum cha restaurant in Haymarket offering premium quality food, fast service, and an unrivaled atmosphere. As one of Sydney’s most popular yum cha restaurants, it’s hard to not have a good time here. On the menu, you’ll find around 80 types of authentic dim sum, plus must-try signature dishes like the mud crab hot pot, shan tong chicken, and brine duck platter. Again, a queue is not uncommon, so round up a few of your friends to make a day of it.

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Zilver Restaurant, Haymarket

Another Chinatown haunt, Zilver Restaurant, comes decked with the very classic red and gold style fit out. Feeding Sydneysiders for 15 years, this is another establishment with a more than reliable yum cha offering. With modern takes on authentic Chinese dishes, the menu is creative while still offering all of your yum cha favourites.

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East Ocean Yum Cha

East Ocean, Haymarket

This Chinatown favourite has been filling the bellies of Sydneysiders for some time and is another classic style yum cha spot that always draws a crowd. Take your pick off the trolleys full of traditional dumplings and dim sum that trawl the bustling dining hall.

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Frequently asked questions:

What is the best-rated yum cha in Sydney?

According to Google Reviews, Mr Wong, Queen Chow and Vinh Phat offer the best yum cha in Sydney. 

What is the best vegan yum cha restaurant in Sydney?

For vegan yum cha in Sydney, Green Gourmet in St Leonards is a must-visit. 

What is the difference between yum cha and dim sum?

Yum cha refers to the Cantonese tradition of brunch where diners enjoy dishes such as dumplings and drink tea. Dim sum refers to the small dishes themselves.

Does yum cha cater to vegetarians?

There is usually plenty of vegetarian options to choose from at yum cha restaurants. These include vegetarian dumplings, steamed rice noodle rolls and so much more.