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Cafes, Eat, Sandwich of the Month, Sydney / 27 October 2015

Sandwich of the Month

They were the best of times, they were the wurst of times.
Anyone lucky enough to have traversed the globe with a backpack will be acutely aware of the constant balancing act that typifies this travel. That daily struggle to accommodate lodging, transport, food, drink and the odd cultural experience, into a budget tighter than the hangman’s noose, is very real. Particularly if you’re a foodie.
The decision whether to consume the tantalising cuisine native to each location requires some serious bargaining. Another cheese board results in taking the stairs, rather than the lift, up the Eiffel Tower. A long lunch in a Granada tapas bar demands that you catch a bus, rather than fly, to your next destination.
Continental Deli - bar
Luckily for Sydney, Porteño’s Elvis Abrahanowicz and Joe Valore have brought a slice of Spain’s tapas bar scene far closer to home in their Newtown eatery, Continental Deli-Bar-Bistro. Here, without the requisite visits to the Alhambra or La Sagrada Familia available, the only bargaining required is whether to start your meal with a charcuterie board or a can of sardines, and the one balancing act is keeping yourself upright after enjoying one too many cocktails.
Inside Continental Deli, the only thing more welcoming than chefs themselves, all fashioned in uniforms of white overalls, facial hair and rockabilly tattoos, are the wondrous smells of the Deli’s pickled goods and freshly sliced meats. The latter, in particular, cause the heart to skip a beat in anticipation of the soon-to-be-demolished signature sandwich of the deli, the Wurst Sandwich.
Continental Deli - sandwich
The Wurst is a relatively simple sandwich – ciabatta, four types of wurst and mayonnaise – and yet proves that sometimes simple really is best. The bread is delivered from Brickfields in Chippendale, one of Sydney’s most formidable bakeries. As such, it is perfect. The mayonnaise, made in-house at Continental is creamy and wickedly delicious.
But the key element of the sandwich is undoubtedly the wurst – the awesome foursome of the cold meat world. Presswurst, made with chilli, tickles the lips with a hint of spiciness. Bierwurst, a more garlic and smokey meat adds additional fragrance, whilst the liverwurst brings its own richness. Finally, the tonguewurst is best described by one of the chefs themselves “it’s really weird but it’s bloody tasty”. Yes it is.
So head down to Continental Deli now and discover the most fun you’ll ever have biting your tongue.
Continental Deli - menu
Continental Deli Bar Bistro
210 Australia Street, Newtown
Open daily 11am–10pm
Written by A Man and His Sandwich
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