Sydney’s New Bar, Now & Then, Blurs The Lines Of Time With Delectable Drinks

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 15 February 2024

Step back in time, all while sipping forward.

For those of us with a foot in both the present and the past, a new watering hole in Sydney’s CBD promises a delightful blend of nostalgia and fresh discoveries. Now & Then, the latest venture from the team behind the beloved Door Knock, turns the passing of time into a celebration.

When you enter into Now & Then you’re treated to subtle pops of jewel tones weaving a playful yet elegant atmosphere. Touches of velvet and floral seating add a taste of vintage charm, hinting at the journey about to unfold.

The true magic lies in the drinks themselves. The menu is divided into two distinct chapters: “Now” and “Then.” The “Now” section caters to adventurous spirits, showcasing innovative cocktails like the “Ready To Rumball” with milk-washed rum and chocolate, and the “Spritz Me To Anywhere” with sage-infused vodka and grapefruit. Craft beers and funky wines, like skin-contact whites and chilled reds, round out the modern offerings.

Now & Then Bar Interior

But for those with a fondness for the familiar, the “Then” section beckons. Here you can revisit cherished favourites like the seasonal fresh fruit Caipiroska or the Lychee Vesper, each given a subtle, contemporary twist. A Toblerone cocktail, infused with the iconic gold-wrapped chocolate, adds a touch of playful whimsy. And for those who appreciate a classic tipple, there’s Coopers Sparkling Ale and a selection of traditional wines.

“Some people love a buttery chardonnay, and others crave natural wines,” says co-owner Locky Paech, acknowledging the diverse preferences of their clientele. “Here, the choice is easy. We want people to explore, to try something new, perhaps outside their comfort zone.”

Now & Then extends this philosophy beyond drinks, offering a curated selection of bar snacks that pair perfectly with both modern and retro libations. The lobster and prawn vol-au-vent, the panko-crumbed ham hock croquette, and the Moroccan lamb cigars align the menu with its past and present.

And if you’re looking for a truly memorable experience, consider indulging in personally curated snack and cocktail pairings. Kick off your evening with the “Manhattan United,” a blend of bread- and butter-washed whiskey, sweet vermouth, and walnut, paired with the hot ham hock croquette served with mustard aioli.

Beyond the drinks and bites, Now & Then promises an atmosphere that’s both lively and inviting. Live music and DJ sets take over on Friday and Saturday nights, transforming the bar into a vibrant hub for those seeking a touch of revelry.

Whether you’re seeking a nostalgic trip down memory lane or an exploration of exciting new tastes, Now & Then is best exploring, well, now!

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