Best Cheap Eats in Newtown

Best Cheap Eats Sydney, Cafes, Eat, Food Guide, Restaurants, Sydney / 10 March 2023

Need to save some moolah? Check out the best cheap eats Newtown has to offer.

King Street in Newtown is called “Eat Street” for a reason. Restaurants, cafes and bars as far as the eye can see, all celebrating different cultures, cuisines and lifestyles. Unfortunately a night out in Newtown can often lighten your wallet. But fear not! If you need to save some money but want to eat like a king on King Street, you’ll love our guide on the best cheap eats Newtown has to offer, all for less than $15.

Vegan / Vegetarian 

Golden Lotus Newtown Cheap Eats 2019

Golden Lotus Vegan

If you come to Golden Lotus at peak time without a booking then you should expect to line the street. However, the entirely vegan menu is worth the wait. Be you a vegan or not, the aromas and breath of the Golden Lotus menu will tantalise. BYO bottle of wine and dive into a selection of authentic Vietnamese dishes finished with faux meat or tofu. The banquet for $27 is a smorgasbord of belt-unbuckling perfection.

Find Golden Lotus Vegan at 341-343 King Street, Newtown.



Being vegan or vegetarian can make it difficult to find dining options, especially when you’re looking to save a few bucks. Luckily, Newtown has got you covered with lots of meat-free options, some of which are surprisingly cheap. Vina, a popular Vietnamese vegan restaurant doesn’t scrimp on flavour, but does on price. They specialise in mock-meat lunches and dinners that are also great value with meals like 4 steamed curry buns for just $6.00, or a mock beef pho for just $12.

Find Vina at 395 King Street, Newtown, Sydney.

Blossoming Lotus

Blossoming Lotus is renowned for their delicious vegan meals, served buffet style. It’s a local crowd favourite, drawing in waves of eager diners from open to close. Head on to their buffet table where $10 rice with three choices is waiting for you (for brown rice, add $1). You’ll be spoilt for choice with the Thai inspired cuisine – spring rolls, curries and meat-free meat dishes await you. The casual atmosphere will feel as though you’re eating at home, not to mention the value for money.

Find Blossoming Lotus at 367 King St, Newtown NSW 2042



Black Star Pastry Newtown Cheap Eats 2019

Black Star Pastry

A favourite in Newtown, you may find it difficult to grab a table at Black Star Pastry but it will be worth the wait. A great place for some wholesome sangas, pies, pastries and their Insta-famous cakes and slices. Grab a mouthwatering savoury pie or perhaps their unusual eggplant and katsu brioche toastie with miso aioli for $8. Or maybe just pop in for an afternoon treat with their cakes and slices ranging from $4.50 – $7.50. The popular strawberry watermelon cake is a must.

Stop by Black Star Pastry at 277 Australia Street, Newtown

Parliament on King Newtown Cheap Eats 2019

Parliament on King

Parliament on King is one of the most philanthropic cheap eats Newtown has to offer. It supports refugees and gives them the opportunity to learn about the hospitality trade, in a space that was once the owners’ living room. You will certainly feel some nostalgia as you peruse their menu, with exciting, old school options like fairy bread (which you can add Nutella to for just 50 extra cents). Or their humble jaffles for just $5.50, with delicious fillings like tomato, pesto and beans.

Find Parliament on King at 632 King St, Newtown

Pastizzi Cafe

Maltese is not a cuisine you see often around Sydney but the food is as good as it is rare. Newtown’s best-kept secret, Pastizzi Cafe serves up homemade pastas, veal escallops and more. But it’s their namesake, the pastizzi that everyone knows them for; little parcels of puff pastry, typically filled with ricotta or mushy peas. For just $2.70, you can get an original pastizzi, with a range of sweet and savoury options, or for a bit extra, get one from their gourmet range with fillings like beef and dark ale for just $4.  You won’t be able to stop at one.

Find Pastizzi Cafe at 523 King Street, Newtown.

Eastern Delights 

Great Aunty Three Newtown Cheap Eats 2019

Great Aunty Three

Great Aunty Three is technically in Enmore but it’s just down the road from Eat Street and way too good to leave off the list! Healthy, fresh and delicious Vietnamese food is what they serve here, with hot, steaming bowls of pho, heaped noodle salads for $10 and banh mi and rice paper rolls for $7.50. Pair with a sweet Vietnamese coffee for an extra $4.50 and you’re set for a great time with your favourite aunty.

Find Great Aunty Three at 115 Enmore Rd, Enmore.

Little Momo

Little Momo

What on earth is a momo you ask? Put simply, these dumplings will delight. Serving savoury and sweet, Little Momo sets out to ensure that everyone’s momo experience is the best it can be. With a head chef personally curating your dumpling desires to a matching sauce, you won’t be disappointed. Starting from $7.90 for a fresh plater of momos, you can upgrade to Bigger Momos or Momo in Soup each for $16.90.

Find Little Mono at Shop 2, 398-402 King Street, Newtown.

Thai La Ong Newtown Cheap Eats 2019

Thai La-Ong

With so many Thai restaurants in Newtown, it can be hard to choose where to go for dinner. But Thai La-Ong serves the same good food, with most meals priced under $15. With Thai classics like everyone’s favourite pad thai for as low as $9.50, and the decadent gang massaman for only $12.50, definitely make your next Thai trip to this fun and lively joint. As far as cheap eats Newtown style goes it’s one of our favourites.
Visit Thai La-Ong at 89-91 King Street, Newtown.



Drawing from the time-honoured traditions from some of the east’s oft forgotten cuisines, Kammadhenu is a suitable venue for an adventurous foodie. Pouring the aromas of Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia into one pot, this eatery is a smorgasbord of spice. Looks are deceiving, as you will fall in foodie love after a trial of a pancake hopper (starting from $4) or splurging on a biryani (starting at $11.90).

Visit Kammadhenu at 171 King Street, Newtown.

Sultans Table Newtown Cheap Eats 2019

Sultan’s Table

Eat like royalty as you sit down at the Sultan’s Table down on Enmore Road. Here, it’s all about authentic Turkish cuisine at it’s finest, with dishes that certainly beat your cheap eats Newtown 2am kebab fix. We love the sound of their list of specials, all priced under $15 like their Guavec, seasoned vegetables, diced lamb cooked in a traditional clay pot with a special sauce for only $13.50, or perhaps their Manti (Lebanese ravioli) served with a yogurt and tomato-based sauce for $15.
Visit Sultan’s Table at 179 Enmore Rd, Enmore.

Belly Bao

Belly Bao was a former market stall and GoodGod Small Club eatery, before moving onto their own stand-alone venue. Their entire restaurant is set around the bao, which takes centre position on their mouth-watering menu. Each bao bun is handmade fresh daily and steamed to perfection. Tuck into a soft bun with a range of delicious fillings like roast pork belly, crispy fried chicken and savoury tofu. Alongside the bao buns, Belly Bao also offers a selection of small plates and sides, like crispy fried chicken wings, edamame, and loaded fries.

Find Belly Bao at 184 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Pub Feeds 

Newtown Cheap Eats 2019

Newtown Hotel 

Down King Street, Newtown plays host to some of the best fair-dinkum pubs in Sydney and you can always count on them for a good feed. At the Newtown Hotel’s restaurant “The Animal,” there’s a special every Friday for you to don the napkin around your neck and chow down on 1 kilo of chicken wings for just $15. And get schnit-faced, and enjoy an enormous chicken schnitzel with a beer for just $12. It’s definitely one of the more popular cheap eats Newtown folk and visitors like to enjoy.
Find the Newtown Hotel at 174 King Street Newtown.
Newtown Cheap Eats 2019

The Marlborough Hotel 

There’s no night at The Marly that is without some good value dinner options. Down a few pale ales and enjoy one of their $12 specials, available at different times of the week. Nacho Mondays is pulled pork, chilli con carne or lentil dhal nachos, Tuesday is dedicated to poutine, with the options of original, cajun with bacon, pizza supreme and Wednesdays is the burger night.
Find The Marly at 145 King Street, Newtown.

Newtown Pies

While it might not be a pub, Newtown Pies sure has your post-drinking feed sorted. Open until the early hours the morning from Wednesday to Saturday, this bakery has your pastry cravings amply sorted. Fuel up on a classic pie ($5) or beef it up with a Combo ($11.90) meal including any pie, chips and a 600ml bottle of Coca-Cola. Branch out with something different, including the Breakfast Pie ($5) or the Pumpkin, Cheese and Coriander ($6.50).
Visit Newtown Pies at 283 King Street, Newtown. 

Mr Yeeros

Blink and you might miss it, Mr Yeeros is an assuming Greek joint situated next to The Marlborough Hotel. Open until 2am-3am most nights, it’s the perfect place to stop by to grab a cheap gyros after a few drinks with your friends. Their portions are sizeable, filled with fresh meats and crunchy chips, wrapped up in warm pita. A gyros will only set you back $12, or opt in for their Halal Snack Pack if you’re in the mood for something heavier.
Visit Mr Yeeros at 153 King St, Newtown NSW 2042.