Let's Meet At, The Ultimate Foodie App

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 12 April 2017

Find your next Foodie BFF courtesy of Let’s Meet At.

Julia Child said it best – “people who love to eat are the best kind of people”.  If you’re lucky enough to stumble across someone who shares your passion for hunting down the hottest restaurants and sipping on only the finest cocktails, they become an instant friend for life, right? Well making the search for ‘the one’ that little bit easier is Let’s Meet At.
Let’s Meet At is a platform that helps people make new friends by connecting them one-on-one over their mutual love of food.
This innovative meeting platform came to fruition 6 years ago when founder Loretta moved from New Zealand to Melbourne. Like many who land in this vibrant city, she soon realised that the foodie culture is infectious and consuming. She also realised that she didn’t know many people, and that she was keen to make some new friends.
Fed up with dating apps, Let’s Meet At was designed to fill the hole in the market for foodies looking to make new friends, travellers not wanting to dine alone and new-towners wanting to build a social network.
So how does it work?
It’s as simple as jumping on the Let’s Meet At webpage and making a profile. You’re required to answer a series of pertinent foodie questions, e.g. your favourite cocktail, cuisine type and current restaurant (like you can really pick just one!). You’re also able to write about other interests and your lifestyle.  Oh, and did we mention it’s also completely free to make an account? Yep. Once you’ve filled out your bio sufficiently, simply upload a picture of your beautiful self and get matching with likeminded fellows.
Let’s Meet At also host a series of group dinners, titled ‘Meet the Locals’. Melbournians keep your eyes peeled, as the next event happening this Saturday 24th June courtesy of the creative events team, Secret Foodies.
No doubt as Let’s Meet At expands, there will be future events cropping up in Sydney as well.
For more info and to get onboard yourself, be sure to check out the website here

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