Have Your Candle And Eat It Too! Harry’s Shares Their Garlic Butter Candle Recipe

Eat, Food Recipes, Sydney / 1 November 2023

The Butter Candle is the easiest and trendiest appetiser that will take your dinner hosting to a whole new level.

From flavoured butters to butter boards, the humble spread has taken on a life of its own thanks to the virality of TikTok. After seeing how the notion of dipping your bread into your table’s centrepiece can liven up a dinner party, the team at Harry’s by Giuls shared their recipe for a butter candle, as well as what to pair it with.

Garlic Butter Candle


  • 500g Salted butter
  • 20g Garlic
  • 50g Thyme
  • 50g Dill
  • 5g Maldon Salt


  1. Melt 150g of butter in a pot until it gets golden brown, then add garlic and quickly pour everything over 350g of room-temperature butter.
  2. Whip everything for a few minutes with thyme, dill and salt until smooth and creamy. Using a piping bag, pour the butter into a candle mould. Leave to solidify in the fridge for 5 hours.

Pizza Bread


  • 10 kg of flour
  • 6.7 kg of water 
  • 8g of dry yeast in summer
  • 500g starter
  • 250g salt
  • 100g EVOO


  1. Combine flour, yeast, starter and 5 litres of water and mix gently for 3-5 minutes, then increase the speed of the mixer and add the remaining water in 3 increments to give the dough time to absorb the water. Add salt at the end of mixing and EVOO.
  2. Leave the dough to rest for 5 min before shaping it into 125g balls for bread and 250g for pizza.
  3. Leave to rest for 3 hours. Cook the dough at 350 degrees for 1-1:30 minutes.

Looking for a main dish to serve with your butter candle? Why not try the Giuls classic Vodka Pasta at your next dinner party?