From Tik Tok To Table, Our Favourite New Restaurant Giuls Shares Their Vodka Pasta Recipe

Eat, Food Recipes, Restaurants, Sydney / 14 June 2022

It was the recipe that almost broke the internet during lockdown and it has rapidly become one of Giuls best-selling dishes! Read on to find out how to make their irresistible Vodka Pasta. 

Vodka Pasta sure is having a moment in Sydney and we’re here for it. After catching icon Hayley Bieber hyping the dish on her Youtube channel supporting female business owners, Giulia Treuner and Esmeralda Perez (the duo behind Surry Hills’ new kid on the block, Giuls) were inspired to incorporate this delicious crowd-pleaser into their menu. 

The origins of the dish remain a mystery with everybody wanting to lay claim to such a crowd favourite. But truth be told as long as it’s on a plate in front of us, we don’t really mind where it came from! Keep reading for our favourite recipe yet. 

VODKA Pasta (Serves 4)



  • Pancetta 20 gms
  • Whole Red onion 1
  • Concentrated tomato paste 100 gms
  • Cooking cream 400 ml
  • Cracked black pepper 5 gms
  • Salt
  • Vodka 25 ml


  • Taleggioo cheese 500 gm
  • Cooking Cream 1L


  1. Heat the pan and fry the pancetta, then set aside 
  2. Slice your onion and add to the pan with a dash of olive oil
  3. Caramelise the onion and add pepper and salt to taste
  4. Add concentrated tomato paste and mix in with the onion
  5. Add 25 ml of vodka and let it simmer over the heat
  6. After couple of minutes add the cream, turn the head down low and mix well
  7. Leave it for 5 minutes and your vodka sauce is ready

For the Taleggio Cream

  1. In a separate pan, boil the cream, then turn off the heat
  2. Add diced Tallejio cheese to the hot cream to a blender to create a smooth, creamy consistency. 


  1. Boil your favourite pasta on water
  2. Add the pancetta, vodka sauce and pasta, mix well
  3. Cover your pasta with Talleggio cream and enjoy!

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