The Drink Hive joins Saporium, Rosebery

Drink, Sydney / 30 November 2016

Drink Hive has made the rise of the roadies a form of environmental sustainability.

Drink Hive is a new artisan bottle shop that just opened in Saporium, last Saturday 26th November. The specialised bottle shop is all about selecting boutique brands of alcohol for selling in their Roseberry store. They’re also the first bottle shop in Sydney with the idea of refillable beer and wine stations! Meaning you can bring your empty bottles for a top up whenever you please. Cutting costs and your carbon footprint at the bottle shop? Who would’ve thought!
Drink Hive works directly with local artisan alcohol brands. They all prioritise finest quality alcohol, at the lowest possible price and in the most environmentally sustainable fashion.
The beer and wine stations will rotate monthly, with different brands and flavours hitting the stations and encouraging you to expand your alcohol palette. You’ll be constantly exposed to different choices and options, and access to different boutique brands.
The Drink Hive prioritise an eco-friendly nature in all their practices. With environmentally sustainable, wooden fixtures and natural plants, their layout is as fresh as their alcohol. They wouldn’t be friends of the environment without reusable tote bags! So say goodbye to your shameless brown paper bag days, and upgrade to the organic totes designed by Liminal Apparel.
Drink Hive settles perfectly in its new neighbourhood within Saporium. This mini artisan supermarket located in Roseberry is already home to organic sanctuaries like supermarket Wholefoods House, Grain Organic Bakery, favourite restaurant chain Zeus St Greek and ever-popular 5th Earl. All stores share an ethos of quality food, premium produce and distinctive drinking and dining, in an environmentally sustainable manner.
Saporium’s Saturday Markets will be met by Drink Hive each week for wine tastings and other exciting events! Make sure you keep up with the Saporium Facebook page for weekly event updates!
Throw out the brown paper bags and stock up on your empty bottles, the Drink Hive is changing how you buy alcohol!
The Drink Hive
61 Mentmore Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018
Open 10am-8pm, daily.