4143 at the James Barnes

Cafes, Restaurants, Sydney / 2 November 2011

Pin codes and passwords a plenty we all have our own special way of remembering our top-secret digits. Bankcard pins, security pins to access your phone records, the four-digit code to your precious bike chain are all very important. Birthdays, anniversaries, the address of your first house, your grandfathers brothers graduation day times 2 are all perfectly legitimate sequences to use for keeping us safe.
Despite the many numbers we already need to remember there is now a new one. Please do not write this down and store permanently in your memory straight after reading. 4143. Quick delete.
The special number I’ve just given you is the name of a new gastro pub in Alexandria. 4143 at the James Barnes is the only number you need to remember next time you’re hungry.
Note: Scrolling down may make your tummy grumble.

Wagyu Burgers

This is one of the best burgers i’ve ever tried in Sydney. Big call, I know. I stand by it. Check out the brioche bun!

Caramelised onion tart with goats curd and balsamic

seared scallops on pea puree and chorizo

roast beets and beans, buttered brussel spouts with pancetta

crispy spuds

duck breast on du puy lentils, spinach and brussel sporuts

braised lamb shank en crepinetto on parsnip puree with muscatel jus


chocolate and orange mousse with hazelnut biscotti


bread and butter pudding with rhubarb and macadamia ice cream

fellow bloggers unite!

4143 at the James Barnes

Building 9, 2 Huntley St, Alexandria

02 9690 8400

Opening Hours
Mon – Tue 10.30am – 4.30pm
Wed – Fri 10.30am – Late
Sat 12.00pm – Late

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