Bavarian Bier Cafe Celebrates Oktoberfest

Bars, Drink / November 1, 2011

From Germany to Manly, Oktoberfest hits the Bavarian Bier Cafe

Oktoberfest  is the world’s largest fair with more than five million people attending every year. You might not be able to make it to Germany to experience the real thing but at least you can get into some Oktoberfest stein and food right here in Sydney. We recently checked out the Bavarian Bier Café in Manly to find find out more about their Oktoberfest celebrations. And it’s not all about oversized German sausages.
Here’s what to consider when choosing your Oktoberfest feast
1)   Bring a friend who loves beer: It’s best if you enjoy an Oktoberfest feast with someone who knows their beers and can appreciate the array of 20+ brews on offer.
2)   Location- location: you can’t beat Sunday afternoon watching the sunset whilst sipping a beer. That’s why the Bavarian Bier Café in Manly is a superb spot.
3)   Starve yourself before you go. Traditional Oktoberfest meals are known to be grand. Although the Bavarian Bier café was thankfully not about quantity but quality.
4)   Order the dish with the longest name: And we found it ‘Munchnier Weisswurfsalat’ which was a Traditional Munich-style salad with cold white sausage. A good combination for a hot afternoon.
5)   You must try: Warm Pretzels dipped in butter. I have to say this suggestion by the waiter between the courses was a perfect idea!
6)   Do eat like it’s Xmas dinner: Why not? After the entrée I ordered the Braumeister Gaulasch Stew, a bier stew with bacon and dumplings – Fabulous! Hearty flavour and a reasonable serving size so I didn’t feel like I over-ate.  Thumbs up.
7)   Apple Strudel – it up: A must it’s a perfect end to a Bavarian feast.
8)   Try speaking some German to the wait-staff. Not  recommended, as something like ‘ thank you for your help’ comes out like ‘ thank you for the hat’
Bavarian Bier Cafe  menu
Bavarian Bier Cafe  costume
Bavarian Bier Cafe  manly
Bavarian Bier Cafe manly
Bavarian Bier Cafe food
Bavarian Bier Cafe manly sunset
Bavarian Bier Cafe strudel
Bavarian Bier Cafe
Manly Wharf

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