My Foodie Road Trip

Eat, Play, Travel / 28 January 2015

A foodie gets given a car and told to take a day trip. What happens next was brought to you by the new-look Toyota Yaris.

Despite a wet summer the clouds give us a break serving up a sunny Sunday to road trip down south.

10am- Mr Woollahra and I pack the Yaris with our day trip essentials – sunscreen, swimmers, towels, camera, sunglasses.

10.30am- We pick up our friends. It appears everyone had a big night the evening before so we head straight to get coffee.

10.45am- You can smell the new Infinity Bakery on Oxford Street, Paddington from around the corner. Freshly baked bread, croissants and coffee lure us in. We order a round of coffees, chocolate croissants and spinach and feta rolls to go.

11am- I realises I actually have no idea how to get to our destination. Great start to the road trip. Mr Woollahra rolls his eyes and begins the roll of navigator while I focus on driving Little Red as we’ve now nicknamed the Yaris.

12pm- We make it out of Sydney headed south towards Wollongong. We stop along the way to watch some brave individuals hang glide and soak up the sunshine. The wind conditions must be perfect as this grassy knoll is packed with dare devils lining up to jump off a cliff. I resolve to getting my thrills from food adventures rather than this risky business.

2pm- We arrive at The Scarborough Hotel perched on a cliff for lunch. The photos of this place are no exaggeration- it’s breathtaking. After stalking tables like hungry seagulls we find an empty spot to stake our claim. We order a selection of salads including roast pumpkin and feta and Thai beef salad to share. We can’t go past the monster seafood platter, it would be rude not to eat seafood by the seaside.

3.30pm- Bellies full we grab Frosty Fruit ice-blocks to go and head to Garie Beach in the Royal National Park for a swim before heading back to Sydney.

5.30pm- We’re driving Little Red the Yaris back to Sydney and decide to order pizza from my favourite Pizzeria, Pizza Moncur in Woollahra. “One duck, one ham and pineapple and a supreme for pick up please”.

6pm- The pizzas come out of the oven just as we arrive. We grab a bottle of Pinot Noir from the Wollahra Hotel who kindly donate some plastic cups to our picnic.

6.45pm- We arrive at McKell Park in Darling Point, somewhere I am reluctantly sharing with you all. This is such a magical little harbour park and there are hardly ever any people down there. So, as beloved readers, i’m letting you in on this little gem but keep it to yourselves. Promise? Ok, cool.

8.30pm- The sun sets behind some clouds and the pizza and pinot are all gone. The four of us are super relaxed and take a moment to appreciate how much we’ve fit in to this one (amazing) day.

8.45pm- We try to leave the park and see that the park security has closed the gates locking us in. Fail. We climb the spiky fence risking the ability to bare children at one small slip. Thankfully we all make it out and race back to the safety of Little Red.

9pm- We drop off our friends and find a park for Little Red the zippy Yaris that took us on one epic journey. It’s bed time.

This post has been sponsored by our friends at Toyota. Thanks for the wheels!