10 Questions with Brent Wilson

10 Questions With..., Play / 3 April 2013
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10 Questions with Brent Wilson

10 Questions With..., Play / 3 April 2013

And the GQ Designer Of The Year goes to…Brent Wilson

We recently caught up with GQ Designer Of The Year Brent Wilson, to learn more about his design philosophy, his favourite things to EAT, DRINK and PLAY as well as his professional opinion on what guys should wear on dates these day.

1. What inspired you to get into fashion design? I have always been drawn to design, be it fashion, furniture or architecture. I’d been interested in clothing and how I dressed from a very young age and combining the two seamed only natural.

2. How does Aussie men’s style compare to international men’s style? Considering our population and the climate, I believe the Aussie man is every bit as stylish, well groomed and fashionable as his international counterpart.

3. What would you recommend guys wear on the following dates:

a) Dinner at ARIA Semi formal, Suit jacket, Crisp shirt, Jeans/ Or trousers and leather shoes

b) Drinks at Shady Pines Saloon Night time Casual, Jeans/ Chino’s and a t-shirt or relaxed unconstructed shirt.

c) Dinner and drinks at The Tilbury Smart casual Jeans/Chinos, Casual shirt with loafers and/or a smart casual shoe

d) BBQ in the park with friends- Daytime Casual Shorts, t-shirt and trainer.

4. If you could have someone famous endorse your line/brand who would it be and why? Ryan Gosling, well dressed, intelligent and a gentleman… all core values of my brand.

5. Where is your favourite place to EAT in Sydney? With so many amazing places to eat in Sydney it is actually impossible to pick a favorite! I always try and pick somewhere new as I love experiencing new places and cuisines.

6. What is your favourite home cooked meal? Anything with roasted vegetables

7. What is your favourite DRINK? Sounds boring but I love my water, keeps me refreshed and hydrated. If we are talking alcohol… Hendrick’s Gin and tonic.

8. Ideally, how would you spend your day off? Outdoors, at the beach with friends or on the road riding my much loved Ducati.

9. Best bar/club/place to PLAY in Sydney? Really like Barrio, always guaranteed to bump into some friendly faces and the Mexican food is always delicious and the kitchen is open till late! What more could you ask for!

10. What plate of food would you bring to a potluck dinner? I’d bring desert – home made ice cream. I have an obsession!

Brent Wilson recently launched his new collection for Autumn/Winter and to celebrate, he has offered a special discount for you! Simply use the code “secretfoodies” in-store or online and receive 10% off your next order.


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