How to drink ‘Sunburnt Country’ from Larrikin Gin

Drink, Drink Recipes, Melbourne / 5 March 2019

If we could bottle the flavour of the Australian sun, this new drink from Larrikin Gin is what it would taste like.

With the sun scorching Melbourne this week, we’ve been seeking out air con and shade or cooling down in the pool or at the beach to escape the heat. But with the release of Sunburnt Country by Larrikin Gin, we can now celebrate the sun too, with the perfect tipple that tastes uniquely like the Australian sun has kissed each and every native botanical in it.

Sunburnt Country is a Ballarat-made gin that includes ten native Australian botanicals, resulting in a smooth and strong gin that’s layered with complex and unique Australian flavours that changes depending on how it’s mixed. Think roast wattleseed, lemon myrtle, lemon aspen, Kakadu plum, native blood lime, desert lime, bush tomato, strawberry gum, Davidson’s plum and finger lime.

The gin has been bottled at 50.7%, which is Australia’s highest recorded temperature on record – another nod by the Larrikin Gin team to Australia’s unique environment.

Innovative gin distillers, Larrikin Gin, have developed a new gin that truly captures the Australian spirit and flavour, cementing their reputation for creating unique, top quality gins that can be enjoyed straight with a chunk of ice or in a gin-based cocktail recipe.

Scott Wilson-Browne of Larrikin Gin describes the taste of this gin so perfectly, you can just about taste it:  ‘With this gin there’s a sense of place, one that you can connect with. Running across hot sand to reach the water’s edge, letting the cold blue ocean waters slip between your toes. That soft hum of the dry, inland forest, walking between sparse ancient trees, seeking the shadiest places. Open plains, eroded landscapes, red sands –  a beautiful, sunburnt country. This is a truly Aussie spirit that captures the spirit of Australia.’

This is a limited edition gin so make sure to get your hands on a bottle and try it at home in these cocktails: 

Golden Hour

The idea behind this one is that the flavours play with the change from sweet and fruity and fresh to a slightly spicy and dry finish. The flavours represent travelling through Australia from fresh forest land to dry bush.

45ml Sunburnt country gin
15ml ginger syrup
15ml lemon juice
Shake with ice and lemon thyme
Top with ginger ale to give it a golden appearance
Garnish with a dehydrated citrus slice and a stem of lemon thyme.


The layered one symbolises the connection between the indigenous Australians with the land as this gin features heavily on Australian bush tucker. It is also finished with eucalyptus smoke which represents the traditional smoking ceremonies, performed at weddings and funerals, both which are seen as reunions.
The bottom layer:
15ml grenadine
15 ml Aperol
45 ml sunburnt country gin
15 ml lemon myrtle syrup
The middle layer:
30ml grapefruit juice (shaken with ice)  
The top layer:
45ml Australian malbec floated as final layer

Garnished with a dehydrated orange


Sunburnt Country by Larrikin Gin is available from March 2019 for a limited time online or a at selected retailers