Social Serve, Lyne Park, Rose Bay

Social Serve

Float through a sea of white polos and pleats as you rub rackets with some serial socialisers.

On Saturday 18th March how will you be spending your day? Will you be socialising, playing tennis while drinking cocktails accompanied by some damn good beats? You must be going to Social Serve End of Summer Rooftop Party. From 4pm-9pm, at Lyne Park Tennis Centre Rose Bay, be immersed in the fun and frivolity of this fun, social event. Make some racket while getting a little ratchet, all while holding your racquet.


Remember the days of lawn bowls and brews? In its place has emerged a funky event full of pleats, polos and Pimms. Drop a shot in more ways than one at the Social Serve – an afternoon of mixed doubles tennis alcoholic concoctions. While you wait for your chance to squeal like Sharapova and backhand like Djokovic, spread those social wings and chill out in BED (beats, eats and drinks). Welcome to aristocracy as you wash down gourmet foodie dreams with a range of Poor Tom’s cocktails, an Aperol Spritz and perhaps a Canadian Club.

Your attendance at this affair achieves much more than memories of decadence with a side of Harbour views. All raffle profits raised will be donated to Primary Club – a charity dedicated to providing access to sport for people with disabilities. In Australia, only 21% of females and 28% of males with disabilities partake in sufficient levels of exercise. An important aspect of life for all individuals. Co-founder Iain Boyd believes that if they need to “pump some tunes and pour some drinks” to raise awareness than that’s what they’ll do. Regardless, the Social Serve leads to a “bloody good afternoon” in his opinion.

Social Serve

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro or a first-timer, Social Serve will have roars of laughter echoing across the nets. You can bring the whole gang (as many as you want), or stride in solo to be paired off with someone matching your tennis skill set on the day. Get low and sweaty as you criss-cross the court and move in-sync to the DJ’s beat.

With afternoon doubles commencing at 4.30pm, be sure to keep your ear out for details on the exclusive after party released on the day. Before kicking on, perch yourself in prime position on the rooftop. Watch as people dart across the courts and the harbour gleams. No racquet? No worries. Racquets will be available for hire and sale at the Lyne Park Tennis Centre shop. Slip into your most impressive activewear, or create even more laughs on the day and play dress up with a ‘traditional’ tennis ensemble of white on white accompanied by a visor. See you there!

Social Serve


The Rafter – $10 – Includes event entry and a complimentary cocktail

The Stosur – $29- Includes tournament entry and a complimentary cocktail

Lleyton and Bec – $34- Includes tournament entry for one, event entry for one and a complimentary cocktail each.

Social Serve
Saturday 18 March 2017
Lyne Park Tennis Centre, New South Head Road, Rose Bay.

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