Review: The Bottomless Lunch Of Your Almalfi Dreams Just Landed In Surry Hills

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 9 January 2023

Mille Vini’s new Limoncello Spritz-fuelled bottomless lunch is giving rustic decadence with a spoonful of luxe.

In a short space of time, Mille Vini (formerly MV Bistro & Wine Bar)  has quickly earned its place as one of Surry Hills’ best restaurants. From the moment we entered the bustling, velvet-draped space, Italian hospitality was on pour in abundance, followed by 5 courses of delicious and authentic regional Italian fare, and bottomless Italian decadence.

Our reservation was early enough to warrant kicking off with a Mimosa, before moving on to the signature Limoncello Spritz – the ultimate accompaniment to a Sydney summer arvo. The broad bottomless options also include Prosecco, Chianti Riserva and Fiona Porconero for those that prefer their booze unaltered. With Mille Vini directly translating to, ‘a thousand wines’, you can rest assured that each of the classic Italian varietals have been chosen with care, pairing perfectly with the rustic Italian menu.

The first course set the bar soaring, Crostini Stracciatella with peppers agrodolce. The sweet roasted peppers served with a smear of stracciatella atop a crunchy crostini showcases everything we love about Italian cuisine – excellent produce, prepared simply and executed to perfection. The same goes for dish no. 2, a battered zucchini flower stuffed with truffle pecorino and gently humming blossom honey.

We opted for the vegetarian rendition of the bottomless lunch menu, which was seamlessly catered for by the kitchen team. By second course (and third mimosa) the restaurant had really started to bustle, chatter spills from the elegant mezzanine creating an animated atmosphere that immediately quells any awkward silences (read: the perfect spot for a first date), and the intimate table layout makes for an ideal setting for group catch ups without the need to shout down the table. 

Mille Vini Bottomless Lunch

Following a second course of creamy burrata and fresh, housemade sourdough, the main course showcases Mille Vini’s pasta of the week. Freshly prepared in-house and cooked to ‘to-the-tooth’ magnificence, our dish was a creamy pumpkin affair featuring conchigliette pasta and a generous dollop of ricotta. For dessert, we each received a single heaped spoonful of Mille Vini’s signature salted caramel tiramisu with coffee & hazelnut crunch. Admittedly I could’ve happily devoured a whole tray of this must-try dessert, but given the post-Christmas timing, just a spoonful of sweet was probably a more sensible finisher to an incredible and decadent lunch. 

Mille Vini’s 2-hour bottomless lunch is available every Saturday between 1-3pm. Secure a booking and explore the menu here.

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