This Texan Zoo Will Name a Cockroach After Your Ex and Feed it to a Meerkat

Cool Sh*t / 13 February 2019

Just in time for Valentine’s Day – show your ex how much you really care.

While loved up couples flounce around this Valentine’s Day in their gushy, overbearing way, all you single folk need not miss out on a truly soul enriching experience.

El Paso Zoo in Texas knows exactly how to ease a broken heart, running a promotion that allows anyone in the world (yes that includes us here in Australia) to name a cockroach after your ex. If you thought that in itself was devilish, wait for the good part.

[Insert your ex’s name here] the cockroach will then be fed to a hungry meerkat come Valentine’s Day.

The event, called “Quit Bugging Me”, will be livestreamed so everyone can see the results.

If you happen to be in Texas right now, the names will also be displayed near the meerkat exhibit starting on February 11.

El Paso Zoo event coordinator Sarah Borrego told CBS News that they hope the community becomes more involved with the zoo through this ‘unusual’ promotion.

Strangely enough, El Paso isn’t the only zoo getting in on the comedic action this Valentine’s Day.

Much closer to home, an Australian Zoo recently launched a competition where you can name a snake after your ex.

The competition, run by Wild Life Sydney, requires entrants to explain why their ex deserves it, and also to donate to its conservation fund, which aims to assist Australian native wildlife through greater funding and research.

The winner not only gets a lethal brown snake named after their ex, but also a zoo annual pass to visit the snake. The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day.