Van Gogh Alive Is Coming To Sydney

Cool Sh*t, Events, Film & Art / 1 August 2022

Lose yourself in a multi-sensory edition of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers as the world’s most-visited art exhibition begins its Australian tour.

The Entertainment Quarter is looking more and more like the place to be this Summer with the announcement from Mary’s of an all-new 1200 cap live music venue, and now, having amassed over 8 million visitors across the world, Van Gogh Alive will splash into the Entertainment Quarter’s Grand Pavillion this December displaying the life works of Vincent Van Gogh like you’ve never seen before. 

Created by Grande Experiences, Van Gogh Alive is not your typical gallery display. Iconic pieces have been reformatted into engaging and immersive art experiences that invite interaction from start to finish. Visitors will be surrounded by a vibrant symphony of light, colour, sound and fragrance for a playful multi-sensory experience, unlike any other gallery encounter you’ve had before.

Head to the SENSORY4™ Gallery and lose yourself in The Starry Night amongst other works, constructed with a unique system that combines multichannel motion graphics, cinema-quality surround sound and up to forty high-definition projectors. The super-scale show sees artworks zoomed in with incredible detail allowing visitors to view artworks from new angles and discover unique perspectives otherwise missed. 

The visual spectacle merges with digital surround sound setting each work of art to an evocative classical score. The result is a breathtaking immersive display for the whole family to enjoy, and it’s one that won’t be easily topped.

After experiencing the SENSORY4™ Gallery, you’ll have the opportunity to walk straight into Van Gogh’s ‘Van Gogh’s Bedroom’ – a life-sized representation of one of his most famous pieces of work. Re-create this iconic painting and get a snap for the ‘gram in one of the world’s most famed bedrooms! Or venture to the Sunflower room,  adorned with hundreds of sunflowers and a mirrored backdrop for endless selfie fun and a beautiful reminder of your day. 

  • WHAT: Van Gogh Alive 
  • WHEN: From December 8th
  • WHERE: The Grand Pavillion, Entertainment Quarter Sydney
  • MORE INFO: Here