Best Ways To Treat Your Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day

Drink, Eat, Food Guide, Guide, Restaurants, Sydney / 26 January 2024
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Best Ways To Treat Your Loved Ones This Valentine’s Day

Drink, Eat, Food Guide, Guide, Restaurants, Sydney / 26 January 2024

This Valentine’s Day, let Sydney be the cinematic backdrop to your love story.

This year we’re getting gushy in multifaceted glory, celebrated through exquisite meals, thoughtful gifts, and experiences that linger far beyond Cupid’s Day. Whether you’re rekindling old flames, igniting new embers, or simply treasuring friendships that span years, Sydney has an array of eat, drink and play experiences designed to help you paint February with the vibrant hues of love.

Romantic red restaurant interior at Spice Temple Sydney for Valentine's Day.

Spice Temple

Tucked behind a flickering candlelit entrance on Bligh Street is Spice Temple, an Eastern-inspired gem in Sydney CBD. With dim lighting and polished service, it’s your best bet to impress this Valentine’s Day.

The a la carte menu takes you on a journey through regional Chinese dishes and it’s all designed to share in the true spirit of romance. You and your better half will be treated to bold flavours that keep your spoon returning for more. Think wok-tossed seafood with fragrant traditional sauces, classic Sichuan cuisine, and warm dumplings bursting with juices.

If you want to sit back and let the chefs take care of you, we suggest choosing either the $129 per person Golden Banquet or the $149 per person Premium Banquet where you’ll indulge all Spice Temple’s signatures. No matter your dietaries, you won’t miss out on flavour.

Discover the full menus and book your table here.

Sashimi platter at Sake for Valentine's Day Sydney 202


Experience refined cuisine at Sake, an acclaimed Japanese restaurant located in three of Sydney’s best suburbs. Take your pick from beachside dining in Manly, slip into a sultry booth in The Rocks, or embrace the marble stage in Double Bay. No matter where you go, each location is set with a sophisticated ambience and impeccable service to impress this Valentine’s Day.

Chef Shimpei Hatanaka has created special menus for each venue as love letters for the occasion. All dishes showcase traditional Japanese flavours and cooking techniques, with a modern and artistic Sake touch. The set menus are $139 per person, featuring dishes like Snapper Carpaccio with ume white soy and shiso, Miso Glazed Ora King Dish Salmon, Scampi Tempura with amazu soy, and a secret Valentine’s Day dessert.

Discover the full menus and book your table here.

Kittyhawk valentine's day offering


Couldn’t make it to Paris this year? Look no further than Kittyhawk, where French cuisine gets infused with the bounty of fresh Australian produce.

The special four-course shared set menu, priced at $100 per person, will be a masterclass in understated elegance. Start your evening indulging in Appellation oysters with a dance of finger lime and citrus, followed by the delicate richness of salmon rillette alongside pops of trout roe. You’ll venture through mains and baked WA scallops before ending on a sweet note with a peach and rose parfait, accented by vibrant vodka cherries.

And if your love story leans towards the plant-based, fear not. Kittyhawk has crafted an equally enticing vegetarian set menu for $90 per person. From stuffed heirloom tomatoes bursting with vegetable tartare to roasted eggplant basking in the warmth of basil, each dish celebrates the season.

Elevate your experience with a decadent caviar bump and frozen Grey Goose, or treat yourselves to a luxurious half-lobster bathed in Cafe de Paris butter. For those seeking a perfect pairing, Kittyhawk’s curated wine flight promises to enhance every flavour nuance.

Discover the full menu and book your table here.

Cacio e pepe in cheese wheel for Valentine's Day at I Maccheroni.

I Maccheroni

While heart-shaped pizzas are a definite touch of cuteness, you might be looking for a bit more of a rustic romantic affair for your Italian-themed evening. For a mere $79 I Maccheroni is putting on a vibrant Italian affair so that you and your special someone can indulge in a three-course journey.

While you have the whole menu to choose from, making your dinner personalised to your tastes, we couldn’t help but recommend a few of our favourites. Start by sharing the burrata, a creamy canvas adorned with figs, prosciutto, and walnuts. Then for the main watch in awe as the cacio e pepe spaghettoni transforms in a flurry of cheese-wheel magic right before your eyes.

End on a sweet note with the limoncello cheesecake, a tangy masterpiece drizzled with zabione and sprinkled with a hint of basil.

Discover the full menu and book your table here.


Discover Maesrtia Restaurant & Bar, a secluded paradise nestled in Rhodes, offering an idyllic setting for Valentine’s Day romance. Introducing their exclusive ‘Share The Love’ set menu, meticulously crafted to enhance your connection over three delectable courses. Indulge in delights such as Sydney Rock oysters, prosciutto, Blue Swimmer crab pasta, Spatchock, and a divine orange blossom yuzu panna cotta. As a special touch, each couple will receive a complimentary rose to elevate the romantic atmosphere. Immerse yourselves in endless conversations over bottomless house beer, wine, rosé, and soft drinks, accompanied by live music—all for just $139 per person.

Discover the full menu and book your table here.

Sarino's valentine's dinner meal


Sarino’s, nestled in the tranquil suburb of Norwest, invites lovers for a romantic evening away from the city’s hustle. Head Chef Alex Keene has woven a seven-course love letter on your plate for $150 per person. The beetroot crostini with mascarpone and dill, San Danielle prosciutto alongside figs and balsamic, and prawn and crab ravioli start your night off with delicate and refined flavours. For those who like to pick their adventure, make your way through Sarino’s a la carte menu featuring an array of dishes inspired by Italy.

Recognised as the recipient of Australia’s Best Cocktail List 2023 and recently awarded an Australian Good Food Guide Chef Hat, we strongly suggest exploring their menu. Additionally, this special evening will include live acoustic music to serenade you, crafting a romantic atmosphere.

Discover the full menu and book your table here.


Nestled away in the heart of Macquarie Park, Cantonese opulence meets romance in the dimly lit haven of Jinja, where you can create your own lovers’ adventure from their extensive a la carte menu.

Sink into the plush embrace of their velvet booths and tailor the evening to your taste buds, whether sharing delicate truffle-infused edamame dumplings or indulging in their signature lobster San Choy Bao. Chef Sebastian Tan’s artistry shines through in every dish, from the classic Sichuan chilli prawn to the melt-in-your-mouth crispy wings.

And to end on a note of pure, sweet decadence, don’t miss their special Valentine’s dessert: Cherry Blossom Coconut Pudding. It’s a spoonful of love, a final touch to the most romantic day of the year.

Discover the full menu and book your table here.

Luke's Kitchen Valentine's Day Meal

Luke’s Kitchen

Say “I love you” with a touch of bespoke luxury at Luke’s Kitchen this Valentine’s Day. For $185 per person, you and your special someone can craft an unforgettable evening tailored to your shared passions.

Begin with a toast, a shared sigh of pleasure as the first sip of Tattinger champagne reaches your lips. Then begin your three-course dinner starting with melt-in-your-mouth flatbread and creamy hummus before engaging in a choose-your-own-adventure for entrees, mains and desserts. Selections include delicately sliced hiramasa kingfish with dashi and sesame dressing, plump mushroom ravioli with capsicum salsa, and gooey chocolate tart with roast peach and vanilla bean ice cream.

Discover the full menu and book your table here.

Is your partner more of a boxed gift lover?

For those whose loved ones have a preference for tangible presents over experiences, we’ve listed a few options so you can stay in the good books. Whether it’s a gift that lasts a lifetime or one that can be unwrapped and devoured in seconds, these items are designed to leave a lasting impression.

Venchi Chocolate Valentine's Day boxes

Venchi Chocolate

Whisper “ti amo” with the elegance of Venchi’s new Valentine’s Day collection. Crafted with the joy of giving in each bite, Venchi presents itself with layers of rich dark chocolate, delicate cremino, and playful pops of Chocoviar. All dressed up in stunning pink and red tins, adorned with a charming bouquet, this box of chocolates is as beautiful as the love you share.

Venchi stands out as a boutique chocolate brand celebrated for its sophistication and the creation of Italian-style chocolates that embody pure deliciousness. Make your selection at the Venchi Store in The Galeries, where you can also indulge in some delightful taste testing, or discover the collections here.

SodaStream ART Red

SodaStream ART

Gift your sweetheart a touch of everyday magic with SodaStream’s special edition ART sparkling water maker. Forget clunky countertop contraptions, ART is a design darling, blending sleek lines with a vintage twist.

With the ART’s built-in carbonation lever, your love can become the bartender, tailoring bubbly bliss to your exact preferences. It’s a sustainable statement, a playful ritual, and a reminder that true romance often lies in the little things, like sharing a perfectly personalised glass of bubbles. Whether it’s cosy evenings in or for a special occasion it’s a gift that will last beyond February.

Purchase online here.

Secret Foodies Valentine's Day experience

Secret Foodies Gift Voucher

For the adventurous partner with a palate for the unknown, set off the spark of discovery with a Secret Foodies Gift Voucher. It’s a gift that says “let’s get lost together,” not in a crowded restaurant, but in the heart of Sydney’s hidden gems.

Secret Foodies curates secret dining experiences, each a unique adventure into a hidden restaurant, bustling market, or even a private chef’s table. They whisk you away from the predictable, replacing it with the thrill of the unknown and all of it meticulously planned with your dietary needs and preferences in mind.

Choose a voucher amount that suits your love story, and let them book their adventure, it’s valid for a year, so plenty of time to find the perfect date!

Purchase online here.

Maison Balzac Pink Champagne Coupes for Valentine's Day

Maison Balzac Champagne Coupes

Fun glassware is always a great gift, especially if your partner loves dressing up their home. This pink champagne coupe number from Maison Balzac is adorned with delicate amber bubbles that glitter from every angle.

Plus it’s the perfect item to bring out on your next date night at home.

Purchase online here.

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