Taste Your Suburb With Sydney Chocolate

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Play, Sydney / 14 October 2015
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Taste Your Suburb With Sydney Chocolate

Cool Sh*t, Eat, Play, Sydney / 14 October 2015

Sydney Chocolate: celebrating Sydney in a delicious way.

Here in Sydney, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Satirical comedy like Bondi Hipsters and Ja’mie have skewered the personalities of Sydney and stereotyped our suburbs and we can’t get enough of it. Locals love embracing the stereotype from the soccer mums in Mosman. Or the green juice guzzling hipsters. Or the health conscious socialites of Potts Point. And now, we can do it in smooth, chocolatey fashion with Sydney Chocolate bars.
They are a new range of chocolate bars, an unusual pairing of comedy and chocolate. Each chocolate bar celebrates each suburb’s unique personality.
Bondi has gooey salted caramel in it’s centre, flecked with pieces of puffed quinoa. Palm Beach is vanilla. Marrickville references their microbrewery culture, and Potts Point is sugar free.  The most unusual combo would have to be Newtown, with beetroot marshmallow and coconut encased in dark couverture. ‘You can’t beetrootin’ in Newtown!”
And if you’re asking what could be better than comical candy bars, the chocolate is ethically and sustainably made through the Yayra Glover Company. They are an organisation trying to improve the life of organic farmers in Ghana. Tempered and packaged by hand, Sydney Chocolate is made with a whole lot of love by chocolatiers Tahra Camidge and Lucas Edmonds. Look out for the seasonal flavours coming out for Halloween, Christmas. Plus there’s an annual Pavlova flavour for Australia Day!
Sydney Chocolate is available at Taylor Square markets every Saturday. It’s stocked in Opus Paddington, the Katoomba Co-op and Hornsby’s Next Chapter Lifestyle and Living. It can also be ordered online at sydneychocolate.com.
Flavours include:
VAUCLUSE: ‘Are you a gold digger?’
Golden lumps of crunchy honeycomb smothered in couverture with a dash of sea salt.
PALM BEACH: ‘So vanilla it won’t wrinkle the sheets’
Fresh Madagascan vanilla bean seeds in creamy white couverture.
MARRICKVILLE: ‘Are you a gin mill cowboy?’
Milk couverture filled with dark ganache made from microbrewed ale, sprinkled with black sesame nougatine.
BONDI BEACH: ‘Don’t in-salt the hipsters’
Gooey salted caramel encased in couverture served with enough organic quinoa to keep the hipsters happy!
POTTS POINT: ‘All style, no sugar. Goes down with no guilt!’
Delicious sugar-free dark couverture. Also available in milk.
MOSMAN: ‘More dangerous than Mum in an SUV.’
Luxurious white couverture with organic dried apricots and lavender.
BLUE MOUNTAINS‘High fire warning.’
Dark couverture smoked with applewood and combined with dangerous amounts of dried chilli.
NEWTOWN: ‘You can’t beetrootin’ in Newtown.’
Intriguing beetroot marshmallow with toasted coconut smothered in smooth, dark couverture.
DARLINGHURST: ‘For hardcore addicts.’
Intense dark couverture with raw organic cocoa nibs and coffee.

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