Sugarcane Dives Into Breakfast At Coogee

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 31 May 2017

Already a favourite for dinner, Sugarcane is testing the breakfast waters at Coogee.

A hub for backpackers and beach-goers, Coogee isn’t short on breakfast options. But Sugarcane restaurant owner and chef Milan Strbac hopes to shift the tide on the classic breakfast menu. Having opened in Coogee mid last year, Sugarcane has proven popular with the locals with a unique menu featuring a western interpretation on traditional South-East Asian dishes. Aiming to make this type of cuisine more accessible to the sun-loving eastern suburbs, Strbac has opened for breakfast taking on the saturated smashed avocado and sourdough morning market. So what’s the verdict?
The ocean brimming as blue as the cloudless sky above, we stroll along the Coogee Beach promenade and find ourselves warmly welcomed at Sugarcane. Segregated from the conventional breakfast competition along Coogee Bay Road, Sugarcane is nestled beneath a plain apartment block at the end of the beach. Although street-side seating is available, we opt for a bit more cover on the outdoor deck. With a secluded view of the beachfront, it’s a wonder why patrons choose to sit inside.
At first glance the menu is a regular Sunday experience, but gaze a little longer and Sugarcane’s unconventional mission becomes clear.
Sugarcane quinoa
We slurp fresh young coconuts ($6) as a cascading roll of fellow brunchers swiftly move in and out of Sugarcane. It is some time before our breakfast arrives at the timber table but it’s worth it.
Quinoa has become a staple of “Instagram famous” breakfasts in Sydney. The quinoa and honey granola ($14) is a pleasantly sized take on the crowd favourite. Lathered in a generous portion of coconut yoghurt, and an assortment of chopped and charred nuts, the granola is a healthy way to start the day. As the yoghurt disappears we add the side of milk and make our way through the flavoursome clumps of honey and quinoa.
We play it safe with the granola but take a leap with the egg white omelette ($19) served with a refreshing side salad speckled with coriander.
Sugarcane omelette
It’s a visual feast with the omelette hiding an assortment of snowpeas, prawns and corn. The simple trio is a revitalising kick. Each element could quite easily stand alone in the perfectly flipped omelette, but working together the result is a very generous portion, sure to carry you through past lunch time.
Drizzled in a soy like sauce mixed with finely chopped nuts, every aspect of the dish represents why Sugarcane’s creative breakfast is already so popular. Standing higher then the crisp omelette, the side-salad of grated carrot and lettuce is generous, matching the lightness of the main event.
The addition of sourdough bread and butter is unnecessary but good to soak up every last mouthful of the omelette.
Other interesting dishes include black sticky rice, roasted pineapple, condensed milk and caramel ($15) for something sweet and a 64 degree egg served with sautéed mushrooms and a roti ($17) for something a bit heavier. The Sugarcane banh mi with pork sausage, crunchy rice and garlic ($15) sounds perfect for brunch. 
Sugarcane also have an assortment of teas, chai and coffee along with fresh cold pressed juices.
After losing ourselves for a touch too long gazing at the twinkling blue surrounding Sugarcane, we depart content.
Coogee is definitely a melting pot of all things Sydney. Tourism, high-rise buildings, the coast and families all come to play. In a suburb so accustomed to Sydney life, Sugarcane makes good on its word to bring something new to the Sunday morning breakfast market.
1/56 Carr St, Coogee
(02) 8313 9790
Open Mon-Thurs 5.30pm-11pm, Fri 12pm-2.30pm, 5.30pm-11pm, Sat-Sun 8am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-11pm