Pink Salt, Double Bay

Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 5 May 2015

As Sydney’s Super-storm ravished Cross St, Double Bay the warm glow of Pink Salt’s exterior dining conservatory stood as a welcoming beacon. As if it were plucked right out of Palermo Chico, Buenos Aires Pink Salt has been completely revitalised to promote a Sobremesa-styled dining experience that truly creates an affectionate atmosphere.
Travelling vines intertwine with the outdoor pergola as century-old wooden sleepers border the inner walls which antique pots with luscious plants hang off. Owner Evan Hansimikali has thankfully entrusted his new vision in AZBcreative (Alex Zabotto-Bentley of The Island, Sydney & The Lexington, Melbourne)  who has paired the dining philosophy of shared, Australian-Mediterranean comfort food with a comforting yet luxurious décor.

New Head Chef Mark Williamson (Bondi Hardware, The Tilbury & The Botanist) and his Autumn / Winter menu further cements Pink Salt as one of Double Bay’s finest. An impressive selection includes seafood, charcuterie, fromage and hearty meat dishes that each include an adventurous spin. Entrées such as Scallops with burnt carrot, orange and saffron topped with black pudding crumbs offer or the Braised Octopus with ink squid aioli and pickled vegetables are as tasty as appealing.
The main menu is a little more contemporary though not the least bit exciting. The Saffron Gnocchi accompanied with Duck ragu & parmesan is fantastic though the stand-out is Williamson’s Pork Belly with Salsa Verde louvi, black-eyed pea ragu and rainbow chard.
Pork Belly, Salsa Verde
The local and international wine list is punchy whilst the cocktails, mixed behind the eight metre oregon topped bar are aptly named and inviting. The Black Amex Espresso Martini (topped with house made syrup) and the refreshing Third Marriage are stand-outs.
All savoury temptations aside room must be left for the dessert menu that showcases a robust list of classics that are designed to be shared. The Chocolate Delice’ that encases a subtle salted caramel-coffee ice cream is delectable and the almond-flake toasted Doughnuts with honey-almond ice-cream are simply unavoidable; a winner for any age-bracket.

The music selection can be a little morecatered to the new attitude of the restaurant (I’m thinking some Luis Enrique or Mercedes Sosa) though overall Pink Salt has come a very long way since its My Restaurant Rules days and leads the way for the betterment of Double-Bay.
53 Cross St, Double Bay
Tuesday to Thursday Noon-midnight, Friday to Saturday 12pm-late. Sunday Noon-10pm.