A Slice Of Nostalgia Has Been Reheated With The Return Of The Opera House Fish & Chip Shop

Eat, Sydney / 12 January 2024

The iconic restaurant returns with a modern twist.

Remember childhood Sydney summers when the salty breeze rustled your hair and the aroma of fried fish swirled with the scent of sunscreen? The Opera House, forever etched against the azure sky, brings back a delightful piece of that memory with the much-anticipated return of The Harbour, its pop-up fish and chip eatery.

From January 9th to February 3rd, the Northern Broadwalk transforms again into a haven for crispy chips, plump prawns, and the undeniable joy of devouring seafood classics with the iconic sails as your backdrop. Those who flocked to The Harbour last year know the drill: checkered tablecloths, live music, and a photo wall whispering tales of the original self-serve restaurant that graced this spot in the late 80s and early 90s.

Menu options at Opera House Fish & Chip Shop

This isn’t just a quick stop down memory lane, though. Trippas White Group’s Executive Chef, Lee Thompson has woven modern touches into the menu, ensuring something for every palate. Picture prawn cocktails dancing with their tangy sauce, juicy fish burgers nestled in toasted buns, and of course, the star of the show – fish and chips, golden and perfect in every bite. A takeaway option lets you savour the harbour air while keeping the summer breeze company.

“The Harbour isn’t just about food,” says Jade McKellar, Chief Customer Officer at the Opera House. “It’s about reconnecting with a simpler time, about sharing stories under the sun and enjoying the vibrancy of Sydney’s heartbeat. We welcomed thousands here last year, and we can’t wait to do it again.”

Fish burger at Opera House Fish & Chip Shop

So, whether you’re a veteran of the old-school seafood haven or a first-time explorer, The Harbour beckons with its timeless charm. Mark your calendars, book your spot (recommended!), and prepare to enjoy a slice of Sydney’s culinary history, one crispy chip at a time. After all, summers on the harbour are meant to be savoured, and The Opera House has just the recipe for nostalgia with a modern twist.

See you by the sails!