Bed, Beach And Blockbusters, Mov’in Bed Beach Cinema Takes Over Barangaroo

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 23 November 2023
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Bed, Beach And Blockbusters, Mov’in Bed Beach Cinema Takes Over Barangaroo

Cool Sh*t, Sydney / 23 November 2023

Where every movie night is a shore thing.

Prepare for a unique cinematic experience as Mov’in Bed Beach Cinema graces Sydney’s iconic Barangaroo from January to April 2024. This outdoor cinema phenomenon, known for its plush beds, blankets, and captivating movie screenings, might lead to an argument about which side of the bed you’ll take, but it’ll also set you up for a glittering night under two different types of stars.

Launching on January 12th, 2024, and running until April 14th, Mov’in Bed will transform Barangaroo’s Harbour Park into a sandy city beach oasis. Picture 280 tons of white sand hosting 150 queen-size cloud-like beds beneath the vast expanse of Australia’s largest outdoor screen.

Against the backdrop of the sparkling Barangaroo skyline, patrons can immerse themselves in a curated program of both new releases and timeless classics. From balmy summer nights to spectacular sunsets, this outdoor cinema promises an extraordinary yet affordable premium experience that sets Sydney up for a seamless blend of fun, relaxation, and excitement.

Render of queen beds set on top of sand across Sydney harbour for an outdoor bed movie night.

The halftime intermissions, reminiscent of classic drive-in nights, offer entertainment and refreshments, ensuring a perfect break during lengthy screenings. Headlining movies include Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, The Marvels starring Brie Larson, and a host of outdoor cinema premieres and beloved favourites. Whether you’re into timeless classics, family-friendly gems, romance, action, or special dress-up theme nights, Mov’in Bed has something for everyone.

The experience doesn’t stop at movies; pre-screening music, DJ-curated soundtracks, and specially designed noise-cancelling headphones promise an immersive audiovisual treat. The full program announcement, including the highly anticipated opening night film, is eagerly awaited.

As I sit in bed writing this piece, I can’t help but be enticed by the prospect of enjoying movies in a way that allows me to be lying in a plush bed on the beach. As long as I don’t float out to sea like Meredith Blake did in The Parent Trap, I’m all set for a summer where comfort meets entertainment.

Mov’In Bed will run from January 12  – April 14 2024, at Barangaroo Harbour Park. Tickets start from $12 for students and concessions and go up to $75 per person. For the full line-up and to book tickets head to