Mordeo Restaurant, Sydney

Drink, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 9 July 2014

Mordeo- it means small bite or to devour in Latin and is a fitting description for the launch of this new CBD restaurant. The evening was crafted around tasting quality produce and family recipes from Southern Europe. The restaurant, owned by the charismatic Aspros brothers, charms customers with an elegant, yet casual atmosphere.
Situated inside the Deutsche Bank building, five large super-sized crimson lamps mark the bistro from afar. The fun and celebratory tone was set with the vibrant Spanish sounds from Ritmos Latinos and Greek Bouzouki player Telly Andrews, frequent entertainers for Mordeo. In front view, the rustic tin-pressed bar boasts a collection of wine and home brewed beers while the food menu for the evening included a selection of small plates and samplers.
Beautifully soft whitebait croquettes with a cauliflower mayonnaise were light and moreish while the pork hock terrine with a fig chutney and pear salad, looked marvellous but lacked gusto. The grilled quail with caramelised red onion salsa however was a perfectly balanced dish and a must-try.
Mordeo impressed with large plates of steaming, sticky lamb ribs coated in a Pedro Ximenez and honey reduction. The perfectly cooked lamb, layered in a rich, dark and delicious tequila based glaze and sesame seeds, fell straight from the bone in succulent bites. This was the stand-out dish and would have any lamb-lover coming back for more on a nightly basis! Similarly the slow cooked octopus carpaccio with split green beans, chorizo sausage and citrus dressing, acted as a refreshing balance against the intensity of the lamb ribs.
An absolute must is the White Wolf on tap. Brewed by Mordeo, for Mordeo this beer is Southern Europe in a glass: light, flavoursome and festive. The family name, Aspros literally translates as White Wolf, which creates a special narrative and history to compliment this delicious beverage. Match a glass of this golden brew with the tremendous selection of cured meats sourced from the authentically Spanish, La Boqueria and you’ll feel as though you’ve gone on holidays.
A contemporary and super classy cocktail list will render you helpless – namely the cold drip spiced rum, old fashioned. Served in a large bell shaped glass, this cool and sweet cocktail is an impossibly smooth muddle of Kracken spiced rum, cold drip single origin coffee, cold drip syrup, angostura bitters with a twist of orange. If you’re feeling adventurous try the jamon and chargrilled pineapple sazerac with butter-washed Hennessey vsop, pechauds bitters and a jamon and sage crisp. A visual feast for those who like a bold and robust cocktail.
Mordeo is open for Breakfast & Lunch on Monday
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner from Tuesday – Friday
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