Grill'd Darlinghurst

Sydney / 21 September 2010

I’m not usually a big burger eating kind of gal but I’ve eaten 2 in the past month and both have been from Grill’d. It may be because I’m on track to become a Fat Food Blogger but it may also be because a lot has changed in Burger-Land since McDonald’s Happy Meals were a treat. Just to be sure I took my trustee side-kick Miss Freakie along to the new Darlinghurst joint to offer her opinion and of course make me feel better about eating another burger.

Simply Grill’d

We scan the menu board and I can’t go past the Simply Grill’d on a wholemeal bun ($8.90). It has 100% lean beef, salad, relish and herbed mayo.  The first time I ever saw Grill’d was in Melbourne. I was starving, a little hungover and it was the best burger I had evvvvveeeeeerrrrr eaten. I admit I was glad to hear Grill’d had moved into the neighbourhood. Miss Freakie can’t decide between the Tuscan Delight ($11.50) or the Sweet Chilli Chicken ($9.90) on Panini. Rock, paper, scissors determines it’s the chilli chicken with grilled chicken breast, beetroot, shredded carrot, salad, relish and sweet chilli mayo.
Sweet Chilli Chicken

It’s been a hard day talking about secret dinners and the latest restaurants so we spoil ourselves with chips (regular $4.30).  They’re not the best chips I’ve ever had, some a little soggy, some a little over cooked…never the less we seem to eat them all!
Hot Chips

As usual my Simply Grill’d hits the spot. I don’t feel too naughty eating it with a wholemeal bun and the salad is really fresh. Miss Freakie is dissapointed with the panini bun and wishes she’d gone with the wholemeal ROOKIE ERROR FREAKIE….sorry about that. Yes, so Grill’d has my thumbs up as far as burgers go. I know there’s a lot of gourmet burger joints popping up these days. I think the prices are reasonable, you pay for good quality ingredients. If you want a cheap burger go to Maccy-D’s (excuse me while I vomit in my mouth).
I’m not going to make a giant call and say they’re really healthy, eat one every day. The Simply Grill’d still has around 536 calories but as far as burgers go Grill’d has a home cooked feel and taste. You wait a little longer for your meal but you know it’s because they are taking the time to prepare it with fresh ingredients and hopefully a sprinkle of love.

Grill’d 314 Victoria St, Darlinghurst 93316562
Final Word

  • Service: Nice enough, not overly bubbly. Friendlier at the Crown St Grill’d.
  • Food: Fresh, tasty, convenient, lots of variety, vegetarian and gluten intolerant friendly.
  • Atmosphere: Nice fit out, casual vibe, close to everything, open kitchen and salad bar.
  • Value for money: Standard for gourmet burgers, I thought the burgers were very reasonably priced.

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