Food Ink Pop Up, London

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Print your flavour at Food Ink

It’s midnight on a Tuesday and you’ve made the mistake of Googling ‘chocolate lava cake’. Now you wish for nothing more than to just physically download said cake and pull it from the screen. With the introduction of revolutionary restaurant Food Ink, this dream may soon be a reality.
Food Ink - Chocolate
Now don’t get too excited. While we haven’t reached ‘The Jetsons‘ level of futuristic sophistication yet, London-based pop up Food Ink almost has. This is not your average restaurant. The team is making the most out of this innovative machinery. Everything inside was fabricated using 3D printing technology. From the furniture to the utensils to the food. Demonstrating that food technology is truly on the rise.
This exciting new dining concept has brought together masterminds from every industry. They include artists, architects, chefs, designers, engineers, and inventors. Each bringing their own ideas to the table. And producing a one of a kind dining experience.
Food Ink - Prawns
Pop up restaurants using 3D print technology are increasingly showing up across Europe. In April this year, Food Ink was in Venlo, Netherlands. Lucky food lovers were treated to some very inventive dishes. One was the Mystic Prawns with prawns, red pepper mayonnaise and olive oil caviar. Served on a 3D printed onion and potato square base, it was finished off with an aromatic vapour.
Another was Steak TARTRIS. Beef tartar was served in 3D printed, arcade-inspired geometric blocks and finished off with pickled onion, tomato paste and assorted vegetables.
Food Ink - Beef Tartar
So true, humanity isn’t at the stage where we can pull desserts from our laptops. But in a few years, who knows? 3D printers may become a household accessory and we could be efficiently printing our dinners every night.
Food Ink
500 Hackney Road
United Kingdom
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