Century Bar Returns with Australia's First Capsule Hotel

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 19 June 2017

Ever wanted to give up after a night out and lie down in an alley? Well now you might not have to thanks to Century Bar.

Formerly known as Bar Century, or that seedy CBD hangout where you would head for cheap mixers and shots, the George Street establishment is coming back from the dead. Century Bar now plans to house patrons overnight in Australia’s first capsule hotel.
Earlier this year Century Bar closed its doors and mopped its sticky floor for the last time after a downturn in trade following the introduction of Sydney’s lockout laws. Yet with the hangover inducing liquor being poured yet again, Century Bar is adding another head spinning element to your night out. Like something out of a cheesy sci-fi film, the capsule hotel is an affordable halfway house.
From $50 a night punters can take a gamble on the adventurous end to a night on the town and lock themselves away in a self-contained pod. Originating in Japan in the 1970s, capsule hotels have gradually spread around the world and now it is Sydney’s turn.
Century Bar has opened four rooms consisting of up to 18 space-inspired capsules in each, with 72 pods at Century Bar in total.  Each pod is fitted with bedding, a flat-screen TV and a power point to charge your phone. Fear not fire nor unwanted visitors, every pod is fitted with an SOS button linked directly to the front desk. If you are planning to have a visit from a late-night friend, $70 will see you upgraded to the double bed pod.
The capsule hotel is part of Century Bar’s attempt to rejuvenate its reputation as a cheap drink hangout. Reopening in June, the bar now houses a cocktail bar and nightclub for party revellers.
Time will tell if Century Bar’s leap into the future won’t deteriorate into space-inspired debauchery. What do you think?
Century Bar
 640 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 7901 8555