Bartiga Blends Old & New in Double Bay’s Dining Renaissance

Eat, Sydney / 31 January 2024
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Bartiga Blends Old & New in Double Bay’s Dining Renaissance

Eat, Sydney / 31 January 2024

Led by a seasoned chef and fueled by Southeast Asian whispers, Bartiga promises a feast for the senses.

Double Bay’s culinary scene is stirring up in 2024, with the recent arrival of Bartiga igniting a fresh spark on the corner of Short and Bay Streets. This new venture, rising from the ashes of the beloved Café Perons, promises a modern Australian journey infused with vibrant Southeast Asian flavours, offering diners something new within the familiar.

Co-owned by Charlie Kelly and Head Chef Faheem Noor, Bartiga’s menu reflects a delicious dance between heritage and innovation. Chef Noor, seasoned by stints at Tetsuya’s and Gordon Ramsay’s Maze, brings a wealth of global experience, while his Malaysian roots whisper through the dishes in subtle, fragrant nuances. The resulting creations are both acquainted and delightfully exotic, teasing the palate with unexpected twists.

Selection of steak, prawn toast and crudo at Bartiga.

Sink your teeth into a butter-poached bug roll, its plump flesh enrobed in a tangy red curry pesto. Or savour the fusion magic of BBQ prawn tom yum spaghettini, where silky pasta embraces the vibrant heat of this iconic Thai soup. On the meatier side, a Scotch MB4 awaits, crowned with an Asian herb chimichurri and a sprinkling of crispy onions, creating a perfect marriage of East and West flavours that speaks to Bartiga’s essence. To cap off the experience, indulge in a decadent Bartiga Chocolate Boat, its salted caramel filling promising sweet indulgence.

Bartiga Double Bay Interior Design

But Bartiga isn’t just about the food. The restaurant exudes a relaxed elegance, designed by Andretti Fung with an Australian spirit softened by subtle Asian touches. The bar, under the direction of renowned mixologist Vincent Valliere, offers a captivating array of cocktails that echo the culinary theme. The counter is graced with vibrant concoctions infused with lemongrass, ginger, or pandan, each sip is a mini-adventure for your taste buds.

And for those seeking a more traditional tipple, Alex Cameron’s carefully curated wine list, spanning classics and intriguing “Future Classics”, ensures something for every palate.

Bartiga is where Double Bay’s rich history meets a future brimming with culinary possibilities. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most exciting journeys begin just around the corner, in a neighbourhood you thought you knew.

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