Bar Topa is Now Open in Merivale's Palings Lane

Bars, Drink, Eat, Sydney / 18 July 2018

Stop for an aperitvo, stay for tight tapas menu at Bar Topa in Sydney’s CBD.

The ever-growing Merivale empire has proudly announced the arrival of its newest member, a tight and tantalising tapas bar in Sydney’s bustling CBD. Bar Topa, which resides in good company in ivy’s thriving precinct, has been quick to lure in the CBD work crowd with itsĀ pintxo inspiredĀ bar.
Fitting a maximum of 40 people standing at any one time with a small scattering of stools, you wont be relaxing over a long and leisurely meal here. Rather, pop in and whet your appetite on your way to dinner or the theatre. Rather than taking its cues from one denomination of Spain, the food is more reflective of the broader Mediterranean coast.
The bar’s name, ‘Topar’, meaning ‘to come across’ or ‘run into’ suggests that it functions as a buzzy meeting point. Pop in and choose a few snacks to nibble on, lean on the bar while you decide what to try next, or choose a bottle to share amongst friends.

Lauren Murdoch, the original Head Chef at neighbouring restaurant Felix, has been reunited with the Merivale clan to take the charge on this intimate new bar. She’s collaborating with Executive Chef Jordan Toft to create a short but fluid menu. Don’t expect to see the same thing on the menu for too long.
The food offering includes the likes of shaved Jamon ($24), whipped salted cod ($8) alongside crowd pleasing croquettes ($3 each), seared chorizo ($9), patatas bravas ($7), and a steak sandwich for the more ravenous folk, along with other items.
Drinks are served as half-size pours, encouraging you to taste the different cocktails, beers and wines on offer. At a reasonable $8 a pop, taste your way through the menu, sampling the likes of their signature Dry Martini, Negroni and Aperol Spritz for those imminent warmer months. Punters can even expect sangria on tap (yes please).