Discover the Art of Kappo at Shusai Mijo, Fitzroy’s Culinary Canvas

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 15 April 2024
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Discover the Art of Kappo at Shusai Mijo, Fitzroy’s Culinary Canvas

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Play / 15 April 2024

Fitzroy’s eclectic food scene proudly hosts Shusai Mijo, a haven where tradition meets innovation.

The name Shusai Mijo encapsulates its approach to Japanese cuisine, celebrating the essence of simplicity and the depth of flavours inherent in each ingredient. At its core lies the Kappo dining experience, fostering a dynamic chef-diner interaction within a relaxed atmosphere.

Is Kappo the Same as Omakase? In terms of concept, you will find these words both refer to a multi-course Japanese dining experience guided by the chef. Omakase usually refers to sushi (and sometimes tempura) restaurants, while kappo has a broader range of dishes.

Eat: Chef Jun Oya’s Culinary Expedition

Chef Jun Oya, with roots in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, steers Shusai Mijo’s culinary direction. His journey from traditional Japanese kitchens in Shiga and Kyoto to Melbourne has been one of passion for introducing and innovating Japanese cuisine. The menu sings of seasonal freshness and respect for the origins of each component. From the sushi rice reminiscent of Niigata’s pearly grains to the sashimi’s vivid tales of Tsukiji’s seas.

The standout Kappo Style Omakase showcases a curated array of seasonal delights, with Chef Oya skilfully enhancing the umami in each bite.

shusai mijo

Drink: The Expertise of Sommelier Matthew Ng

Matthew Ng, Shusai Mijo’s sommelier, brings a wealth of knowledge from his extensive hospitality background. His careful selection of sakes and wines, paired with each dish, elevates the dining experience. For those preferring non-alcoholic options, the Eric Bordelet apple cider offers a sophisticated alternative, ensuring every guest finds their perfect drink match.

Play: The Counter Dining Interaction

The intimacy of Shusai Mijo’s counter dining, with only eight seats, ensures an immersive experience. This setting showcases Chef Oya’s precision and skill. The intimate seating fosters a unique dialogue between him and the guests. The spirit of Omotenashi, or Japanese hospitality comes to life, making each visit memorable beyond the exquisite flavours.

Shusai Mijo – an immersive journey into the heart of Japanese culinary arts.

Through Chef Jun Oya’s innovative lens, guests explore a blend of traditional flavours and modern techniques. This Fitzroy gem proves that dining can transcend mere eating, becoming a memorable exploration of tastes, aromas, and stories from Japan. In doing so, Shusai Mijo not only captivates the palate but also enriches the soul with each bite.