Park St Pasta & Wine Ushers in a Fresh Taste of Italy in South Melbourne

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 16 April 2024
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Park St Pasta & Wine Ushers in a Fresh Taste of Italy in South Melbourne

Drink, Eat, Melbourne, Restaurants / 16 April 2024

Located in the bustling neighbourhood of South Melbourne, Park St Pasta & Wine heralds a new era with its recently formed Italian management team.

With Luca Balbo at the helm, supported by Lino Torre, and the skilled hands of Head Chef Tommaso Bartoli and Sommelier Matteo Balbo, Park St Pasta & WinePark St Pasta & Wine promises an invigorated approach that stays true to its Italian roots.


Crafting Authentic Italian Dishes

Chef Tommaso Bartoli, trained in the kitchens of Florence’s esteemed eateries, embraces a philosophy that highlights ‘fatto a mano’—handmade pasta. The restaurant’s menu celebrates the simplicity and purity of Italian cooking, focusing on recipes that have traversed generations. “We aim to offer dishes that resonate with the authentic taste of Italy, adapting to seasonal changes and featuring the finest Australian produce,” Bartoli states.

The menu boasts staples like Cacio e Pepe, prepared with egg-free semolina pasta, and innovative dishes such as Linguine adorned with spring bay mussels and a citrus-infused sauce. Also featured is Agnolotti del Plin, stuffed with a rich mix of duck and veal, showcasing the harmonious blend of local ingredients with Italian methods.

A Curated Italian Wine Experience

Sommelier Matteo Balbo enriches the dining experience with a meticulously selected wine list that emphasises Italian and local boutique wines. This collection focuses on low-intervention winemaking, capturing the essence of the vineyards. Alongside Italian labels, Matteo includes revered old-world wines, catering to diverse palates and enhancing the flavours of each dish.

Refined Space with Heritage Touches

Following its culinary refresh, the restaurant has also updated its outdoor parklet. This inviting area, equipped with a retractable roof and heaters, can host up to 28 guests. The building itself, dating back to 1880, combines historical charm with Italian-inspired artworks and lively art deco elements.

The Lombardy Room: A Venue for Every Occasion

Above the main dining area, The Lombardy Room offers a secluded setting for up to 32 guests. A simple weekday lunch to a sumptuous eight-course seafood feast. This space accommodates a range of events, providing a tailored dining experience.

Park St Pasta & Wine continues to be a pillar of authentic Italian fare in Melbourne. A renewed focus on traditional dishes, expert wine pairings, and a blend of historical elegance and contemporary comfort. This place remains a prime destination for anyone seeking an authentic Italian meal. Whether for a casual meal or a special celebration, each visit is a testament to Italy’s rich culinary legacy.