Gibbons Street Café, Redfern

Cafes, Eat, Sydney / 13 September 2017

Redfern, Say Hello to Gibbons Street Café.

We arrive in Redfern on a Friday morning busting for brunch. We find Gibbons Street Café just a short stroll from Redfern Station. Having opened earlier this year Gibbons Street Café has already attracted a strong patronage from people working in the area. While on the weekends we’re told the pace slows down with relaxed locals taking their time over brunch.
Gibbons Street Interior
There is a lot of exposed concrete at Gibbons Street Cafe while long Edison bulbs hang from the high ceiling. Although Gibbons Street in general and the café are bustling, store owners Omm and Steven encourage us to sit back and relax.
Gibbons Street coffee
The indulgent sounding Major Tom Shake ($6.50), dripping with chocolate and dark salted caramel sounds tempting, but our mid-morning hankering leads us to the espresso menu. We order a duo of large cappuccinos ($4.50 each). Grinding the gears himself, Steven’s treatment of the beans is fantastically frothy.
Gibbons Street Pea and Halloumi fritters
Gazing at the eclectic Redfern motley crew passing by the large open windows, we are welcomingly interrupted by pumpkin and sweet corn fritters ($18.50). A taste from Gibbons Street’s all day breakfast menu, the fritters are a perfectly crispy vegetarian delight. The opulent smashed avocado rests in the middle of the fritters adding a nice dipping sauce for the chewy champions of the dish: the haloumi chips. Poached eggs and a spicy house relish complete the dish.
Gibbons Street Café Bangkok Brekkie Eggs
Next we take a Southeast Asian turn with the Bangkok brekkie eggs ($16). Served in a shimmering silver pan, a bed of fried eggs infused with a street-inspired sriracha sauce packs a punch. Slices of chorizo add to the spiciness. The accompanying cut of sourdough toast, with more of our favourite avo helps to alleviate the peppery flavour. At less than $20, both of these hot breakfast offerings are generous in size and seasoning.
Gibbons Street Ricotta Hotcakes
The hotcakes ($18) are the dish of the day. Injected with a glorious abundance of ricotta, the cakes are incredibly fluffy. Bathing in the juices of a rhubarb and strawberry compete, the heavenly dish is made a little wicked by a honeycomb crunch. Speckled with fresh fruit, and dripped in yoghurt, there is just enough to go around as we dive into a hotcake each.
Visit Gibbons Street Café any time of the week and you’ll be delighted with simple food, friendly smiles and an affordable menu.
Gibbons Street Café
Shop 1 9/7 Gibbons St, Redfern
Open: Mon- Sat: 6.30am-4pm, Sun: 7pm-4pm