WONKA Competition


It was every child’s dream to live out the adventures of young Charlie Bucket inside the chocolate factory of wacky chocolatier Willy Wonka. You may be 20 or so years older now but that dream could still come true for five lucky winners…

The Golden Ticket promotion from WONKA replicates that of the film – that is, ‘Mr. WONKA’ has hidden five Golden Tickets in specially marked bars across Australia and New Zealand. The five lucky winners and their families will win an exclusive tour of the chocolate factory and a top secret inventing session where they will get to create their own bar. One of those inventions will actually be chosen to be produced and will be a brand new choccy bar hitting shelves next year. Pretty cool, huh?

To get your creative juices flowing EDP has three prize packs to give away that include 2 of the newest WONKA bars – Cookie Creamery and Mudpuff Caramel stuff. To Enter leave a comment below outlining in 25 words or less three key ingredients you would use in your WONKA invention and what you would name it? The three most innovative ideas will be chosen and notified via email next week. Good Luck!



  • Lish says:

    I would use ginger, dark chocolate and hazelnut and it would be called

    The nutcracker

  • Gina Burgio says:

    Pineapple, coconut and chocolate.
    I would name it Sweet Tropical Holiday

  • Mel says:

    Don’t mess with Eton – meringue pieces, freeze dried raspberries and cream filling in a dark chocolate bar!

  • Katie says:

    Veruca Salt-ed Caramel: milk chocolate base, white chocolate top with salted caramel swirl.

  • Chantelle Pirotta says:

    Romance by chocolate -Champagne, strawberries and exploding candy

  • Cathy says:

    WONKA ‘Goldalicious’ is velvety liquid chocolate & caramel with gold flecks, suspended in a chocolate drop that explodes in your mouth, coating your tongue gold!!!

  • Kahli says:

    3 key Ingredients:
    Pieces of Marshmallow
    Balls of Banana Cream
    A hint of Cinnamon

    I would name it:
    Mellow Mallow

  • Jenny Hislop says:

    Smores flavour, dark chocolate, graham crackers and Marshmallow and a hint of smoke to resemble the campfire taste

  • Paul McMahon says:

    Wonka’s “Gooey Bubbles”
    2/3 Milk Choc
    1/3 Dark Choc
    Marshmallow pieces
    Random or broken pieces of soft jelly – ‘Gooey Bubbles’

  • Shruti says:

    Sea salt, lime and a hint of tequila with the chocolate, would be an interesting combination called “Sexy Mexican” or “Sexy Mexy”

  • Letiticia Roberts says:

    Baconberrybliss, Bacon, maple syrup and blueberries in creamy milk choc, smoky, salty, sweet and tart flavour explosion.

  • Romy Meerkin says:

    Wonka Fudgetastical Ricepop
    Rich fudge and crunchy crispy rice popping pieces mixed together to create a fudgetastic rice popping chocolate Wonka bar.

  • Kelly Tagalan says:

    The Salty D.O.G.:
    salted caramel filled *D*ark chocolate bar,
    topped with candied *O*range peel & *G*ranache curls.
    It will be loved by all hungry boys n girls!

  • Hannah says:

    “Honey, I’m comb!” would include crunchy honeycomb pieces, creamy milk chocolate, and fluffy choc mousse.

  • Jacqui Anderson says:

    Create a Candy – Lollies in a tube container that changes to any flavour you desire with a shake! Raspberry, Mint and Blackcurrent would be mine!

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