Who Said Chivalry Is Dead?

Acts of Chivalry Women Expect

There’s a moment in every night out where a decision must be made that will ultimately mean the difference between a great night and a complete nightmare. A few weeks ago I was faced with this exact dilemma, one almost every woman will empathize with.

Mojitos at Zachary’s in the afternoon, vodka lime and soda’s (aka skinny bitch drinks) at Hugos and cheeky watermelon cocktails at Piano Bar over a 7 hour period is usually an average night out. Throw a gorgeous pair of strappy black heels that cut off the circulation to your feet and it’s a guaranteed way to cut your night early!

Unlike my years residing in North Bondi, now living 100m away from Bayswater Road in Kings Cross means I don’t need to fuss with taxis on busy weekends. It does however mean I can’t justify getting a cab even if my feet have turned purple and feel like they’re experiencing traditional Asian feet binding.

Half way home with 50m to go I reached breaking point-so close yet so far away. I faced a tough decision- Sleep in the street my outfit and fabulous shoes in tact or do the dreaded faux pa and remove my heels and walk bare feet in public!

Taking your shoes off in public is never a good idea particularly when you live in the city 100 meters and foot bridge away from a junkie syringe filled hobo clinic. What’s a girl to do? Screw it they’re coming off!

I was in the middle of removing my second heel when I heard a man’s voice yell “no don’t take your shoes off it’s dangerous around here”. Out of no where two modern day knights appeared and proceeded to lecture me on the dangers of contracting aids due to dirty needles. They insisted on carrying me home! (I know my mother would be cringing right now at the thought of me popping up on the 7.30pm news after being found in a ditch somewhere- but I am safe a sound).

The taller (and sexier one) carried me right to my front door and politely asked for my number in exchange for his good deed. Of course I obliged after such a rare act of chivalry and it had nothing to do with the fact that he was at least 6”3, drop dead gorgeous and had amazing arms!

20mins later and tucked in bed I got a text “You still thinking about that ride home…I am- dinner tomorrow night?” Now that’s smooth!

Guys- 6 Acts Of Chivalry We Expect On A First Date

1. Honor your word- If you say you’ll meet us at 7pm get there at 6.50pm. Tardiness is a turn-off and you seem instantly unreliable.

2. Don’t talk about how much you earn, how much your car cost or how expensive your new shirt is it’s awkward and embarrassing for both of us.

3. Do not expect us to go dutch on the first date- you asked us out, it’s your shout!

4. Make an effort- there’s nothing worse than spending hours getting ready, wearing a hot new dress, smelling incredible only to be confronted by a guy who’s just rolled out of bed and smells like last nights kebab.

5. Do not be aggressive- this means no yelling at dogs, the guy who just stole your parking spot, or the bum who asks you for a dollar. Be polite!

6. Don’t talk about your ex-girlfriend, another woman you’ve slept with, a woman who you’re in love with but can’t be with or your favourite stripper at Bada Bing strip club who ‘has such a great personality’.