We Love Lilly

Last Thursday I saw Lilly Allen at the Horden Pavillion. Miami Horror were the support act that played before her and they made waiting easy. When the time came she walked on stage in true Lilly Allen style, a drink in one hand, cigarette in the other and began singing ‘Everyone’s At It’.

It was an intimate performance as she interacted with the crowd, talking to us in between songs. She complained about the wine and said she was “pissed because people were being lazy cunts and wouldn’t walk down the road to a liquor store” to buy her some decent wine. If you tasted the wine at the Horden you’d have to agree. She performed most songs from her ‘It’s not me, it’s you album’ as well as some of her older tracks.

People in the crowd threw tokens of their affection on to the stage and at one point she stopped to pick up a kangaroo and gave it a cuddle. I always thought the track ‘He wasn’t there’ was about her dad but she revealed with a smug laugh “this song’s about my brother and well he’s not here now is he?”

I almost lost my voice singing my lungs out to all her songs. My favourite was a cover she did of The Kooks song ‘Naïve’. She also did a cover of ‘Womanizer’ by Britney Spears. When she played ‘Fuck You’ she made us raise our arms and extend our middle fingers as we sang along.

She’s publicly announced her retirement from the music game for the next few years to focus on a fashion label. She’s said she “can’t make any money out of music because cunts keep ripping off her music”. Whether she’s legit or not I don’t know but I’m glad I went to see her just in case. Somehow though I doubt this is last Aussie will see of Lilly Allen.