Trench Coats & Underwear

Over the years I’ve been to many fancy dress parties most of which elude to some form of raunchy outfit. ‘School boys and School Girls’ night speaks for itself as does ‘Soccer Pros and Tennis Hoes’. There was the ‘Naughty or Nice’ party (think sexy devils and angels) and the ‘Uniform Party’ (naughty nurse, police woman and French maid). At uni I even went to a ‘No Clothes Party’ which literally meant anything but clothes (glad wrap, newspaper and balloons were all acceptable).

Last Friday I went to a party that dropped all subtleties and cut straight to the chase with the theme ‘Trench coats and Underwear’. Leaving little room for creativity it was definitely the raunchiest themed party I’ve ever been to.

The party was held at The Club in honor for three guys birthdays (as if it wasn’t obvious men had invented this theme). Instructions were clear- NO THEME, NO ENTRY.

I arrived with a friend some time after 11pm, in theme and with a few confidence booster vodkas under my belt. I’ve had friends flash bouncers to get in to festivals but this was the first time I’ve ever had to flash the door chick to get in to a club. The choice was flash or pay $20, the decision was clear.

We’ve all had that dream where you’re at school or in a shop and everyone is fully clothed and pointing at you in your underwear. My trenchcoat held tightly shut, I had a nervous vision of this happening to me as we walked in to the club. But as soon as we were in the gate it became very clear everyone was in theme even the bar staff, no clothes in sight.

This theme may have been easier if it was winter, in which case keeping your trench coat on would have been pleasant but in the middle of summer in a club with no windows and poor air con…well let’s just say I’m glad I wore underwear!

I checked my coat in and tipped the girl an extra $5 to take special care of my coat (imagine trying to explain yourself at 4am walking around Kings Cross in your underwear… “I’m not a working girl…promise”!)
Despite my initial trepidation this theme ended up being a great night. Best of all, next time I have to do public speaking I really will be able to picture the room in their underwear.

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