Beer Makes You More Creative in Copenhagen

Drink / 6 January 2015

Ever wonder why some of the best ideas (and some of the worst) come to you after a few drinks? That’s because research suggests that drinking beer produces creative thinking. Who would have thought?

Generally alcohol is bad for you – it’s high in calories, can cause liver damage and cause the brain to make bad decisions. But if it’s brewed the correct way, it can apparently have some benefits. Beer-loving scientists have proven that when reaching an alcohol level of 0.075%, the average person produces the most creative thinking. I wonder if they found this out whilst drinking beer?

With this in mind, CP+B Copenhagen and Rocket Brewing Co have teamed up to bring you beer that does exactly that; help you reach your creative peak. Called “The Problem Solver” it is a handcrafted Indian Pale Ale that comes with a scale indicator so it’s easy for you to know when to stop drinking. Since everyone has a different tolerance to alcohol, it gives a general recommendation based on your weight of when you should stop.

At present it’s is only available in Copenhagen stores where they even have a special community called “The Problem Solvers”, a group of people invited to brainstorm ideas over beer. Sounds fun to us.

For more info please fasten your beer goggles and visit The Problem Solver website

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