That’s Ridiculous!

Remember a time when you could buy 3 warheads for 5 cents? When petrol was below 50 cents a liter and there was no such thing as ‘designer’ coconut water on our shelves for $4.95? The first festival I ever went to was Big Day Out in 2007 and my ticket was $54 (a lot of pocket money was saved for that). Seeing Marilyn Manson smack a guy live on stage in Adelaide and Courtney Hole flounder around was totally worth it. So just how much money are people willing to pay for a truly memorable experience?

The crazy cats at Fuzzy are about to find out having released the world’s most flamboyant and ridiculously super-sized festival ticket ever concocted the ‘Ridiculously Expensive ticket’. Costing a whopping $7,000 there is only one golden ticket available for purchase and is valid for 2 people. Forget priority access to cleaner loos, check out what this nugget will get you:

  1. Slip-and-slide festival entry
  2. A personal drinks caddie (no more queuing)
  3. An “artist” cabin backstage with personal rider demands
  4. Portable VIP area with security entourage
  5. “Coming to America” style sedan chair transport
  6. Side of stage performance viewings
  7. Bespoke cocktail named in the purchaser’s honour and offered for sale on the day
  8. Personal welcome messages main stage video screen
  9. Adventure featured on the Parklife website
  10. Access to all of the More Expensive Ticket benefits + 10 x MET’s for friends and/or lackies.

Forget saving for a property or buying a new car, get your credit cards ready. If you’re feeling self-indulgent don’t worry you can sleep at night knowing not only did you have the best time of your life, you also helped a really great charity. All the  proceeds from the Ridiculously Expensive ticket go to Heaps Decent, a charity committed to finding and nurturing the creativity of underprivileged and Indigenous young people and emerging artists.

So, what are you waiting for? BUY THE TICKET