Where To Find Sydney's Best Meat Dishes

Eat, Food Guide, Restaurants, Sydney / 11 June 2013

1. Steak array at Rockpool Bar and Grill Sydney

Yes some of the steaks at Rockpool are approaching $70 but in my opinion it is well worth it! Head Chef Neil Perry has a reputation for buying the best meat in the country. He cooks it over wood and charcoal, which results in the best beef eating experience that you are likely to have!

2. Lamb shoulder by Matt Moran at Chiswick


3. Meat extravaganza at Porteno

Meat heaven! Enough said.

4. Hot dog at El Loco

Who doesn’t love a hot dog? But this is the best one I have had in a while.

5. Steak Tartare at Glass Brasserie

This Steak Tartare comes with all the traditional condiments on the side so you can season it to your likening.

6. Cured meats at Monopole

This is the perfect place to have a glass of wine or a beer and graze on some of the best-cured meat in Sydney. A unique part of this experience is that all of the cured-meats are made in-house at Monopole.

7. Butchery experience at Victor Churchill 

Victor Churchill is the only place you can buy retail David Blackmore Wagyu, the only place you can taste perfect terrine by French chef Romeo Baudouin and where chicken liver parfait is mind-blowingly good…but for me Victor Churchill is still all about the experience.

8. Burger at Mary’s in Newtown

We have all heard the hype – and boy is it good!


9. Pork Bun at Momofuku

Up until about 12 months ago you would have had to travel 20 hours to New York in order to taste this iconic piece of porky goodness created by David Chang but since Momofuku arrived in Sydney you can experience it here. Take full advantage!

10. Brisket Pie at Bourke Street Bakery

These pies consist of awesome chunky braised beef, wrapped in fluffy pastry and then I always add tomato sauce. Most city-dwellers would have been here but it is definitely still worth the mention.
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