6 Vegan Burgers You Need To Try

Eat, Sydney / 3 July 2019

For the times when a big juicy (meatless) burger is the answer, consult this guide.

Going meat and dairy free doesn’t mean you have to miss out on some of life’s guilty pleasures. Like a big ol’ juicy burger dripping in (dairy free) cheese and packed full of succulent (plant-based) meat. For when the ethical, comfort food cravings call, look no further than these burger joints.

The Burger Project – Planet Burger

Hopping on the plant-based burger bandwagon is the Burger Project with their new Planet Burger. The pea protein patties are not only nutrient dense, but are also free of soy, gluten, cholesterol, dairy and egg. Each pattie is served between a milk bun with pickles, onion, tomato, lettuce, beetroot, mustard and Burger Project’s famous sauce.

Mary’s – Vegan Burger

These legendary burger flippers are appeasing both meat lovers and herbivores alike with their classic Mary’s burgers plus a dedicated vegan menu. The vegan burger comes with a meat-free patty, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes in between two soft milk buns. You’ll also find a vegan take on fried chicken, made using crumbed and fried cauliflower.

Huxtaburger – Alternative Burger

When Melbourne-born burger lords Huxtaburger opened an outpost in Redfern, Sydneysiders swooned. Now they’ve partnered up with The Australian Meat Co. to satisfy your ‘beef’ cravings with their new 100% plant-based burger patty. The ‘Megan’ ($15.50) comes with an Alternative Meat Co. patty, mustard, mayo, tomato sauce, tomato, lettuce, pickles with the option of vegan cheese.

Bar Luca – BL Veg

While you might typically associate this hole-in-the-wall burger joint with their meat loaded, fries stuffed, cheesy creations, Bar Luca also have a permanent vegan option on the menu. The BL Veg ($16) comes with an Alternative Meat Co plant based pattie, dairy free cheese, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and vegan BL burger sauce on a damper roll.

Grill’d – Beyond Burger

This ‘healthy’ burger franchise has been winning over burger lovers with their extensive menu (and let’s not forget their sweet potato wedges) since first opening in 2004. There are plenty of options for plant eaters, but new to the menu are their ‘Beyond Burgers’. These plant-based creations are free from soy, gluten and GMOs with both vegetarian and vegan options available.

Ribs and Burgers – Beyond Burger

While they might be ‘self-confessed meat lovers’, Ribs and Burgers know that not everyone supports the same view. Their ‘beyond burger’ looks, tastes and feels like eating a beef patty, and comes with all the burger staples like lettuce, onion, pickles and Aunty Joan’s pink sauce.

Looking for the best vegan restaurants in Sydney? Look no further.