Sandwich of the Month – Trunk Road, Darlingurst

Eat, Sandwich of the Month, Sydney / 25 May 2016

Not your typical Indian take-away at Trunk Road

Australians love their Aussie jingo-isms.”Mate, chuck a u-ey. I wanna grab some durries from that servo, then swing past the bottle-o for the barbie this arvo”. Shakespeare would be spinning in his grave. A favourite for those who enjoy a beverage is to ‘grab a roadie’ – a.k.a drinking alcohol as you travel between destinations. The roadie tastes that much better because of that hint of naughtiness as you consume it. A sense of defiance against the establishment, albeit not on the same scale Anonymous is operating. But now thanks to the folks at Trunk Road, the newest venture from the team behind Bang Street Food, the tables have been turned and Aussies need to accustom themselves to a new version of the roadie.
So, here goes:
“Road-ie” (noun): sub-continental inspired food comprising of Indian flatbread wrapped around delicious fillings. Best enjoyed by hand.
The spice-rubbed steak roadie with crispy onion rings is a favourite of those eating at the tables around us inside this unassuming diner that looks more speakeasy than street-food vendor. However, you’d be a ‘flaming Galah’ if you didn’t turn your attention to the butter chicken version.
The roti has that customary oily sheen that glistens under Trunk Road’s low lighting. Its texture combines a top layer which flakes apart, with a fluffy consistency beneath that fills you with warmth. The roti is quite sizeable which is lucky given the generous portion of grilled chicken that rests carefully inside the roadie.
TR interior
Then there’s that butter chicken sauce. Velvety orange to the eye, creamy with just the slightest hint of spice to the tongue. The kind of sauce that you’d happily just drink a glass of, if you had complete confidence in the strength of the waistband in your pants, and total disregard for the proper functioning of your arteries.
Trunk Road Roadie - Butter Chicken roll in an Indian Roti
Finally, cubes of cucumber and tomato act as palate cleansers, whilst also adding a crunch to this otherwise cleverly smooth offering. Strewth it is good.
Trunk Road
163 Crown St, Darlinghurst, 2010
Open Mon-Sun 12pm-10pm
Written by A Man and His Sandwich