Trail Quest, Sydney

Cool Sh*t, Play, Sydney / 12 October 2016

Discover the secrets of your suburb with Trail Quest!

Being a tourist in your own city can feel like a socially shunned task. Until now! Trail Quest takes exploring to a new level. With puzzles, clues, games and fun facts in over 30 Sydney locations! All those amazing, antique buildings you pass daily on your way to work, the train station in your local neighbourhood, the abandoned alley next to your favourite burger joint, they all have a story. If you love being the friend with all the hidden secrets and fun facts about your city, this ones for you!
Tours start at the local train station, or other central meeting points, of the selected surburb. To eliminate the tourist element, the tours are entirely self-guided. You simply purchase a ticket online, are sent a map and can complete it at any hour of any day. Buildings do not need to be entered to find clues, so if you want to add to the eeriness of discovering 19th century Surry Hills gangsters, why not complete your Trail Quest at the dark hours of the night?
Different Trail Quest’s have different times and distances. They range from 2km-6km and take anywhere from 1-3 hours to complete.
You really need to take in your surroundings to find all the clues, and once you’ve solved the puzzle, you submit your answer via SMS and have the full story sent to you. This also enters you into a monthly draw prize!
If you aren’t from Sydney and want an informative, yet untraditional method of tourism, tours of Sydney’s main tourist sites will eliminate the boring aspect of sightseeing. If you’re at the Bondi or Manly beach and want something to do when the sun goes down, discover the story of Bondi’s executioner or Manly’s entertainer. Trail Quest also caters for families, school trips and any other groups that are interested.
Solve the puzzles of your suburb and take home some fun facts, hidden within the nooks of its streets.