The (new) Village

Bars, Drink, Eat, Restaurants, Sydney / 15 January 2014

Local sophistication whatever your inclination
“I should have brought a man with me”. My first thoughts after viewing the menu at The Village in Potts Point. Our waiter is not only attentive but appears to read minds. “The large share dishes are just that – large. Yes, they are generous pieces of meat to share” he said daringly at my guest and I, referring to the dry-aged Riverine rib-eye. A challenge had been issued and had I not brought my vegetarian sister along it would have been accepted. Back to our Prinz Von Hessen ‘H’ Riesling as we continue to canvass the menu in the fairy-lit courtyard.
The Village has been around for a few years (home to Favela in a former life). It has undergone an extensive refurbishment and only recently re-opened its doors. So let’s just call it The (new) Village in Potts Point. A hop, skip and jump away from Kings Cross this is an approachable-yet-sophisticated venue to share  nibbles and tipples in a relaxed atmosphere.

Macerated Figs with Fresh Goats Curd, Pickled Mint, Radicchio and Honey Vinaigrette

Back to the food. The macerated figs with fresh goats curd, pickled mint, radicchio and honey vinaigrette are an interesting and somehow light-but-indulgent ‘Snack’ menu item. These little parcels of wonder were a perfect start to a meal and I unconventionally paired them with little sips around the black sea salted rim of my Milagro Spicy Margarita (it was a Saturday night after all)!
Milagro Spicy Margarita

The blood orange and jalapeno cured kingfish was a must-have dish for me and the serve was generous in both size and appearance – a delicate assortment of teardrop tomatoes, salmon roe and micro-herbs tickled the top of the mild firm white-fleshed fish slices.
Blood Orange and Jalapeno Cured Kingfish

Vegetarian or not, the asparagus, shaved parmesan, roasted walnuts, goats curd and truffled egg pizza is a delicious, especially with the yolks just runny enough to touch each crevice of the thin cut base. Just when I thought I couldn’t consume another bite the salt-and-peppered cauliflower with ponzu dipping sauce made me think again – and made Lil’ Sis proclaim “We must return. And yes, let’s bring some dudes”.
Asparagus, Shaved Parmesan, Roasted Walnuts, Goats Curd and Truffled Egg Pizza

Salt and Pepper Cauliflower with Ponzu Dipping Sauce

We both had a fantastic night at The Village sans meat – there is a satisfying array of items for diners of all inclinations to choose from. That doesn’t mean that I won’t jump at the chance to share the market fish with fresh quinoa, caramelised lemon and raspberry vinaigrette when we return. Now to choose my next dinner partner.