Celebrate Chinese New Year in Kensington Street

Eat, Sydney / 25 January 2017

Celebrate Chinese New Year at Kensington Street with their “Light of Dawn” event.

Celebrating Chinese New Year in style, #KensingtonStreet is set to deliver with their “Light of Dawn – Year of the Rooster” block party. Celebrating regeneration, renewal and prosperity in abundance, this is the day where all your past worries will be forgotten. 
This year, Kensington Street is working in partnership with China Cultural Centre in Sydney, The Sichuan Department of Culture, Australian Chinese Performing Artists Association and the City of Sydney. Together, The Light of Dawn will cater for an unique experience full of light, radiance and vivacity.
Chinese New Year
Renowned for their historic terraces, vibrant cooking and cultural events, Kensington Street is hoping that visitors will be both visually and physically satisfied after tasting their way through culinary delights. New kids on the block such as Holy Duck!, Automata, Kensington Street Social, Bistrot Gavroche and Kakawa Chocolates (just to mention a few) will be there serving  mouth watering dishes. 
Once fed and rested, make your way down to the Chinese marketplace, a vibrant spot full of culture, eclectic stalls and buzzing streets. Curious about what the future might hold? Unravel the mystical world of fortune telling, observe a true caricaturist at work or sink yourself to the Chinese simmering underbelly with a curated selection of silent Chinese films.
The Light of Dawn is set to have several interactive activities, such as traditional arts of shadow puppetry and Tai Chi. Focusing on the mind, the body and the art of inner self, the Chinese marketplace have something for everyone.
Kensington Street
Featuring five hours of live, continuous music deriving from China, this event will be playing C-pop, K-pop and lay host to the contemporary band Teo-Chew Lion Dance team. Hosting the festivities over two stages, you can also enjoy Chinese house music at their silent disco.
Come down and have a look, whether it be for a bite, bevvie or just some banter. If feeling like something other than dumplings and rice wine, pop by the Old Clare Hotel for their $22 “The Rooster” cocktail. Taking creativity to the next level, this gin and lychee liquor based cocktail really is the final touch to a good night. Safe to say, there will be entertainment, delicious food, good tunes and vibes.
Chinese New Year
Where to find Kensington street, you ask?

Kensington Street is a hidden behind the city side of Central Park, just off Broadway on the eastern fringe of Chippendale. Behind it lies Spice Alley, one of the best eats in the heart of Sydney. 

Kensington Street, “Chinese New Year – Light of Dawn
Saturday, February 4th from 3pm – 8pm, Chippendale.

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