The Best Japanese Dishes To Eat While Watching The Olympics

Eat, Sydney / 28 July 2021

While you’re feasting your eyes on the Olympics, feast your bellies on these delicious Japanese dishes from restaurants across Sydney.

Every four years, more than 200 nations put forward their most elite sportsmen/women to represent the country in the Olympic Games. The event was postponed in 2020 and after months of anticipation, the 16-day long sporting marathon has gone ahead in Tokyo. The current lockdown restrictions have given us every reason to lap it up from our couches and spend our days in front of the television yelling, “Aussie Aussie Aussie”.

With the Olympics being held in Japan, it got us thinking about our last visit to this incredible country and in particular, the food. Mindblowing ramen, the freshest sushi you’ve ever tasted, perfectly golden katsu and smoky yakitori served street side. While we can’t travel to Tokyo to watch the games and eat delicious food, you can travel there through taste. We’ve rounded up our favourite Japanese dishes from across Sydney to keep you well-fed and travelled throughout the Olympic Games.

Rara Ramen – Tonkotsu Ramen

When you think of the best ramen in Sydney, you can’t not think of Rara. Their ramen gives you an out of body experience causing you to shovel spoonfuls of noodles and creamy broth into your mouth until it’s all gone and you realise you haven’t said a word to anyone at the table in 10 whole minutes. The ramen being pumped out of the kitchen is authentic and you can taste it in the traditionally made tonkotsu broth and smoked pork atop. Our top pick will forever be the Tonkotsu Ramen with Black Garlic Oil. With venues in Redfern, Randwick, South Eveleigh and Newtown, they’ve got most of Sydney covered. Order online here

Sandoitchi – Buttermilk Katsu Sando

If you’re craving the comforts of crispy fried chicken, you can’t go wrong with Sandoitchi’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sando. Juicy, succulent pieces of fried chicken sandwiched between two crustless cushions of fresh Japanese milk bread. This sando is similar in flavour and texture to those you’d find in cutsie cafes on the streets of Tokyo. We’d recommend ordering a box including Buttermilk Fried Chicken, the classic Pork Katsu and for dessert, the Strawberries and Cream. Order online here

Best Japanese SydneyCho Cho San – Classic Tonkatsu

There are few dishes as savoury and delicious as Tonkatsu. In our eyes, Cho Cho San does it the best in Sydney. They serve a whopping 250-gram Kurabuta pork loin marinated and crumbed with panko. It’s served with fresh shredded cabbage salad and a very traditionally made Japanese curry sauce on the side. The best part? The iconic crunch when you let your teeth sink into the juicy piece of pork. Order online here

SOKYO – Sushi Box

Sushi is the most famous Japanese dish outside of Japan for good reason. There’s only one place in Sydney that does it as fresh, as visually aesthetic and as delicious as Japan and it’s probably because they have a team of Japanese chefs behind the kitchen. Lockdown made our SOKYO takeaway dreams come true and you can now order their premium Sushi Box to your door. You’ll get all the best fish in the sea including tuna, salmon and snapper, as well as scallop, omelette and more. Order online here

Chao Bar – Yakitori Set

There are few activities in Japan as fun and delicious as wandering the markets for the perfect Wagyu Yakitori. The smells of fresh meats being chargrilled over a hibachi are one we will never forget. Granted that most of us don’t have a hibachi grill handy, Chao Bar is bringing the nostalgic smells to you. You can get all your favourite meats marinated in delicious sauces and kissed by flames. If you want to get hands-on at home, they even have a DIY set where you can finish off the cooking at home. Order online here

Kuro – Bluefin Sashimi Tuna Don

I’m sure we’re not the only one’s who have been indulging in lockdown. If you need something a little healthier, the don is for you. Donburi proves to be both nutritious and delicious, typically served with a generous portion of raw fish, perfectly cooked rice and vegetables. Our favourite is from Kuro served with a trio of fresh fish, koshihikari sushi rice and a daikon radish and cucumber salad. Order online here

Azuma – Wagyu Sukiyaki

For those of you who haven’t tried Wagyu, think of it as beef royalty. In Japan, it will set you back $30 for a little cube that has been touched by flames on the hibachi, but once you put it in your mouth you will see it’s worth every penny.  The high-fat content of Wagyu Beef causes it to truly melt in your mouth. Azuma has always sourced incredible Wagyu from Japan and their Wagyu Sukiyaki provides all the luxury your lockdown deserves. You’ll get delicate slices of Wangers Valley Wagyu, Asian vegetables and Sanuki udon noodles, ready for you to cook at home. Order online here

Best Japanese RestaurantsKid Kyoto – Meal Box

If you want a little bit of everything, we’d go a Kid Kyoto Meal Box. No restaurant quite nails the umami-rich sauces and flavours of Japan quite like them. From dishes kissed with flames and succulent meats in sticky soy sauces, your taste buds will be tantalized. Think Charred Edamame with Yukari Salt, Corn Ribs with Smoked Chilli Miso and Togarashi, Chauhan Japanese Fried Rice and Sake Chicken with Chilli Miso Sauce. Order online here

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