The Angry Pirate

Bars, Drink, Sydney / 15 July 2015

Amongst all the traffic and hustle of Redfern, is a hidden treasure tucked away called the Angry Pirate. The bar looks like a cross between a Pirates of the Caribbean set and the inside of a treasure chest, but with a really good sound system. With plenty of couches and low lighting make this the perfect destination for every pirate looking for a good drink.
Part of the fun about drinking at The Angry Pirate is the cocktail list full of some of the most creative cocktail names we’ve ever seen. A Grog Father, anyone? Or perhaps a Captain’s Kiss for the ladies? But it’s not just the names that stand out, it’s the cocktails themselves. For the Angry & Sour, the Angry Pirate makes their own bitters for that extra tropical kick, dubbed “Angry Bitters” (presumably because “Pleasant Bitters” just doesn’t have the same ring to it).

Warm Spiced Rum

The galley (read: kitchen) is open till midnight, to service the hunger of pirates who’ve had a long night of pillaging and feeding their parrots. If you’ve had a little too much swashbuckling’ fun, then one of the Angry Pirate’s pizzas is the way to go. Buy a giant Leviathan (too big for any one person to eat alone) and you’re donating to the Dry July effort, which is ideal for those who are a little too fond of their booze to actually do Dry July.
Angry-Pirate Pizza
The Leviathan

The Starfish. Yes, that's Nutella!
The Starfish. Yes, that’s Nutella on a pizza

Need another reason to love the Angry Pirate? They are secretly tender-hearted, and are in cahoots with Sea Shepherd, supporting their efforts to end whaling all over the world.
Ahoy! Get down to the Angry Pirate, anchored at:
125 Redfern St
Sydney NSW 2016
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