Taste Of Sydney Festival 2011

Sydney / 11 March 2011

I just got back from Taste of Sydney Festival and since sleeping on a full stomach is never a good idea I’m staying up to share my hot tips on what to try if you’re heading there this weekend.

Top Tips For Taste Of Sydney Festival 2011

1) Overall Mantra: Pace yourself. Slow and steady will win this food race. Do a loop and suss out what’s on offer then go nuts.
2) Eat My favourite dishes:
12 Hour Braised Lamb Shoulder with Pea and Feta Salad from Four In Hand (pictured above)
taste of sydney festival 2011 otto restaurant
Regal King salmon carpaccio with orange segments, citrus and chardonnay vinegar dressing, shaved fennel, salmon roe, baby herbs and crispy salmon skin from Otto Ristorante
Crisp Wagyu Beef with Wild Mushroom Truffle Foam from Balzac Matt Kemp you rock…this dish was devine!
3) Drink: Try St Germain – Vanguard Luxury Brands, Patron and Punt Road.
4) Taste: Gelato, there’s several stands serving up tastings and cones of delicious creamy goodness. Sublime Gelato and Gelato Messina are must-trys! Cheese is also great for tasting, I really enjoyed the Yarra Valley Dairy range.
5) Buy: There’s plenty of condiments on offer including relishes, honey, breads and if you’re a sweet tooth like me make sure you head to Sweetness The Patisserie and buy some caramel popcorn or toasted coconut marshmallows for later!
6) Bring: This event is perfect for a catch up with friends, date or if you’re a big foodie just rock up by yourself for a a tasting fiesta!
7) Topical: Yes he’s sexy, incredibly flirtatious and has that melt in your mouth French accent but I do wish Manu would spend less time on TV and more time in the kitchen. I was sadly disappointed with his dishes on offer from L’etoile 🙁
That’s it for me…food digested, bed time! Happy eating this weekend my foodie friends. xxMs D

Gena Karpf (right) Founder, Sweetness The Patisserie 


Sarah French and Manu Fieldel