These Sydney Mixologists Got Listed As The Top Bartenders In Australia At The Diageo World Class

Bars, Sydney / 24 May 2022

It comes as no surprise that these flourishing Sydney bars are home to some of Australia’s best bartenders.

There are few occasions a cocktail isn’t welcome and we’re lucky enough to have hundreds of bars to choose from when we need to wet our whistle. Once again, Sydney has proved to be ahead of the game after a bunch of bars were included in the Diageo World Class list of Top 100 Bartenders of 2022. This globally recognisable bartending competition has revealed the best local bars cultivating industry-leading talent nationwide. We can’t be surprised with the names that we’re found at Sydney hotspots and here’s your reminder to perch up at one of these venues for a cocktail stat.

Alex Gondzioulis, The Rover
Behzad Vaziri, The Star
Hunter Gregory, Maybe Sammy
Matthew Dale, RE
Ryan Bickley, Cantina OK
Siôn Roberts, RE
Storm Evans, Cantina OK
Sanghyun Park, Will’s
Wen Wang, Maybe Sammy
Albert Rust, Eileen’s Bar – Four Pillars
Andrew McCorquodale, Charlie Parker’s
Beaux Donelan, Charlie Parker’s
Ben Hardy, Bar Planet
Brianna Aboud, Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern
Chloe Natterer, The Lobo
Claudio Bedini, Sammy Junior
Daniel Hilton, The Lobo
Eduardo Conde, NO 92 GPR
Dominic Causley-Todd, Dead Ringer
Emma Bernardi, Bar Planet
Eoin Kenny, Long Chim
Hamish Mitchell, Charlie Parker’s
Harrison Kenney, Bar Planet
Helen Yu, The Lobo
James Russell, Apollonia
Jenna Hemsworth, The Gidley
Koby Harris, Dean and Nancy on 22
Krisztian Csigo, Dean and Nancy on 22
Sara Rinaldo, Dean and Nancy on 22
Sarah Proietti, Maybe Sammy
Judith Zhu, KittyHawk
Kalisha Glover, Apollonia
Kat Scibiorski, Long Chim
Kate Gale-Re, The Gidley
Michal Wowak, The Gidley
Kiaran Bryant, Earl’s Juke Joint
Liam Gavin, Door Knock
Marco Rosati, Grain Bar
Samuel McWilliams, The Lobo

The next phase of the competition will see these bartenders battle it out for the chance to be crowned the nation’s best bartender. The more creative the better and these showstopping cocktails will be on offer at each of the venues between the 20th of May and the 13th of June 2022 so you can experience World Class drinks. With last year’s winner being Evan Stroeve from Re, Sydney’s no-waste bar that was recently listed in the World’s 50 Best Bars, we wouldn’t be surprised if another Sydney venue makes its way to the top in 2022. The winner will go on to represent their country at the Global Final, which for the first time will be held in Australia between the 12th and 16th of September. Expect a week of pop-up food and drink events, immersive drinks experiences and inspiring cocktail collaborations.

Find out more here but most importantly, visit one of the above restaurants to try their award-winning cocktails.