Sip Australia’s First Gin Seltzer, Sunny Eddy, Crafted On Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Drink, Sydney / 24 March 2021

Keep summer alive with a delicious new gin-based seltzer from Sunny Eddy.

As far as new drink trends go, seltzers have to be the hit of 2021. And it makes sense: these cans are light, refreshing, low-cal alternatives to our favourite boozy drinks and traditional premixes. For those chilled sessions with friends, a seltzer is the perfect thing to crack open.

But now, we’ve found a delicious new seltzer brand to add to your radar. Crafted right here in the Northern Beaches of Sydney is Sunny Eddy. The best bit? These guys use botanical gin as the base of their light, refreshing drinks instead of the typical vodka.

Think of it like a lighter alternative to your classic G&T.

The secret behind Sunny Eddy’s signature gin seltzers is the inclusion of a premium gin spirit. Each variation uses triple-distilled Australian gin crafted with juniper and native lemon myrtle botanicals. This spirit is the perfect base for their three signature flavours, including:

  • Lime and Cucumber: offering a citrus burst paired with the clean refreshment of cucumber, making this Sunny Eddy’s signature and stand-out flavour.
  • Crisp Pink Apple: with a hint of sweetness, this crisp and refreshing flavour evolves in the mouth with a hint of hibiscus.
  • Blood Orange and Grapefruit: this double-whammy of citrus combines with the lemon myrtle gin to deliver a delightful burst of flavour and real zing.

Each can of Sunny Eddy gin seltzer contains just 76 calories, making it a lighter way to enjoy top-notch gin. Plus, this seltzer is sugar-free, gluten-free and contains less than 1g of carbs. You’d expect this from founder Tim Phillips, who brings a solid background in health and wellness (helping to build iconic businesses such as Michelle Bridges’ 12WBT).

Sunny Eddy gin seltzer is available in over 60 retailers at $6 for a 330ml can, $23 for a 4 pack or $59.99 for a case of 12. Find Sunny Eddy near you or purchase directly from their website with national delivery.

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