Stoli Vodka Casting Call

Drink, Events / September 22, 2011

Supernovas, Moonshakes and Playboy Bunnies – sounds like a Hugh Hefener themed moon landing – but we haven’t even left Kings Cross yet.  A cute bar tender mixes drinks with gold dust, I choose my own freeze dried fruit flavoured cocktail and slurp up the pink bubbles as strawberry fizzy goodness spews over the glass.  The small, intimate crowd sip from big Stoli vodka filled glasses. Bunnies trail after the faux Hef – who swans around “The Backroom” – a den like bar filled with mis matched lounges, pokey corners and guilded picture frames. This eclectic backdrop, coupled with the colourful characters and refreshments, create the perfect atmosphere for the launch of the Stoli Vodka Casting Call – a competition to send one lucky Stoli drinker for the ultimate original experience in L.A.
Stoli bartender, Luke Ashton was at the helm of cocktail creating, and original they were. The Stoli Supernova’s got a menthol vodka kick that’ll knock off even the tightest of space boots. A combination of vodka, a chocolate spirit called Mozart Dry and Cherry Tea – it’s a visual drink, the mixture of alcohol leaves the ice globe suspended like an astronaut in a rose coloured gel type liquid. Add some gold dust and Neil Armstrong himself would of had a swig. The Stoli Moonshake’s were also being served as a one time offer. These make-your-own, just-add-water cocktails allow you to be your own bar tender. First you pick your desired fruity flavour – blood orange, mango and passionfruit  and so on – these come as freeze dried powders in cute little containers – you pour the mixture over ice and vodka, add soda water and watch your glass overflow with bubbles.
By the end of the night there wasn’t a Stoli-less palette in house. Perfect time to start moon walking I reckon.

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